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  1. I. Usually local dogs are sent to the country and cannot be courier. They are generally consignment. The common check -in methods are auto transport, railway transportation and aircraft transportation.
    . Auto transportation: low cost, basically people can walk with pets, but generally pets are placed in luggage places, the air circulation is poor, it is easy to cause heat stroke in summer. Dogs may cause the spread of infectious diseases.
    . Railway transportation:
    Except for individual cities, most domestic railways are allowed to consignment pets, and the price will be much cheaper than air transport. However, first of all, you need to hold the animal quarantine certificate recognized by the railway transportation department. The cost of general inspection is about 20 yuan. Please consult the local railway freight department for consultation. Railway transportation usually uses closed luggage compartments. Although the owner is allowed to take care, it still cannot solve the problem of excessive temperature in summer and cold winter.
    . Aircraft transportation:
    1. Preparation of packaging: You need to use a dedicated plastic aircraft box. Usually the home iron pet cage is not qualified.
    2. Preparation of quarantine: The airport will ask you to take pets to quarantine, quarantine costs 20 ~ 30 yuan. The quarantine certificate should be attached to the transportation form.
    3, preparation on time: After selecting the flight, you should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance, otherwise you may not be able to keep on board. It is necessary to predict the waiting time and flight time, and prepare sufficient water and food for pets, hot weather, poor ventilation, etc., will cause damage to pets.
    4, freight: domestic air transport: average 9.2 yuan/kg (Beijing -Shanghai)
    5, after the trip: hold the shipping bill as soon as possible. If you do n’t take the opportunity at the same time, you will only let the pets fly alone. After the plane takes off, notify the consignee number (the faxed transportation).

  2. Hello, the courier can send a dog. If you want to send pets, you can choose some regular pet mail companies to send your pets. The price is generally a few hundred dollars.

  3. If it is a consignment dog! Most railways and aircraft are required for dog certificates, and other animals also need to pass the quarantine certificate. In addition, it is necessary to sign: Animals die or get sick during the transportation process, and the transporter does not bear any responsibility.

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