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  1. There are many meanings of TAX expressions, so do you know what does TAX mean? The meaning of the noun
    tax, tax amount; burden
    tax to verb meaning
    to make the load burden; consumption of energy; [t [ks] Mei [tsks]
    Tax usage:
    Tax usage 1: The basic meaning of TAX is to collect taxes to someone or a company. Extension can refer to consumption of energy.
    Tax Usage 2: TAX is only used as a viral, which can be used as an object. Can be used for passive structure.
    Tax Usage 3: TAX with can be used as "accusations, blame" solution.
    Tax English example sentences
    1. Purchase tax was not payable on goods for exce.
    2. The feedral hiked the tax on hard liquor.
    The federal government has increased the tax rate of strong wine.
    3. The tax increase soundded the deth Knell for the Business.
    The increase of taxes sound the funeral clock.
    4. Is a tax increase strong out of the question?
    is it still impossible to increase taxes?
    5. Some people account the tax of boy tactics.
    , some people accused tax inspectors using rogue methods.
    6. The new has the guts to push through unpopular tax increases.
    The courage to push the unpopular tax increase solution.
    7. HIS TAX-Cutting Pledge BroughT A Delirious Crowd to their Feet.
    This promises of tax cuts made the exciting crowd cheer.
    8. a famer is entitled to a certain tax time.
    . Farmers can get some specific tax treatment.
    9. Many Firms Are Ready to Break the Law by DODGING TAX.
    This companies that struggle to survive illegally evade taxes.
    10. Silber says the tax rolback would decimate basic services for the needy.
    Sirb said that the decline in taxation may greatly reduce the basic services provided by the poor.
    11. Millions of Are Eligible to Claim the Newcil Tax benefit.
    Millions of homeowners are eligible to apply for new municipal tax discounts.
    12. It is possible that a tax cut might has effect.
    The tax reduction may produce some kind of stimulus -this is possible.
    13. He Annound Big Tax Increases for the Next Two Financial Years.
    This will increase taxes significantly in the next two fiscal years.
    14. in prctice a grate tax is an nightmare.

    15. of tax evasion hasished his clean image.
    The allegations of tax avoidance make his innocent image.
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