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  1. You only need to spend 500 yuan to enjoy the top afternoon tea of ​​85 yuan Mo Damu, and stay at a Magic Hotel of 3,000 yuan per night with 200 yuan. Yes, you have not heard of it. These good things actually appear in reality in reality. What is going on? A netizen revealed that he spent 500 yuan and lurked into a "Shanghai Huaming Group". He thought he could get "human resources" from it and made it to the "financial elite". "" "!
    All luxury goods, hotels, and afternoon tea can be purchased. The price is very favorable, which can't help but make people look great. Even so, some people wearing second -hand stockings and shared brand bags still look down on men who open Mercedes -Benz BMW. Some net celebrities on the market often change hotels on both ends and live in them. Some of them are packed in this way, so they can't help but sigh.
    The behavior can indeed meet the vanity of some people, so that it is difficult for them to face life, and even some people performed themselves. The circle is different, why bother. For example, the hit TV series "Thirty", Gu Jia worked hard to squeeze into the wide wife circle. At first, I couldn't appear in the photo of Mrs. Kuang because she had carried a Chanel bag. Later, she changed her Hermes and was reluctant to be accepted by Mrs. Kuo's circle and appeared in the photo of the circle of friends.
    But even so, the circle is different, Mrs. Kuo has never really accepted and helped her, and even threw her a hot potato -the upcoming tea factory. Different circles, why bother, everyone wants to get better resources, enter a higher circle, even if the popular stars can only stand on the side in the group photo of the celebrity group, although they have clarified afterwards. But the real rich circle is not that you can enter, your ability must match your ambitions at any time. For a while, I couldn't lie to the "Shanghai celebration group" incident. Those who entered high -end places every day and packaged themselves with various luxury goods. Over time, they will find that they are only themselves.
    Forcibly integrating into the upper circle will not only become upper people, but also make the life that is not rich worsen. Life is good, only you know. If these "celebrities" really pack themselves and find their favorite "White Horse Prince". Although they can be cheated on the surface, you have no way to fake them in the inner, cultivation, temperament, talk, and experience. Can be faked, so do you want to act for a lifetime? If you cheat others, you can't lie to yourself. Vanity will only bring you a moment of happiness and satisfaction. If the inner emptiness, the later life will be boring, like an empty shell. When your ability is not worthy of ambitions, it is really embarrassed to stimulate human fighting spirit, and excessive vanity may be reversed.
    In those who can't earn a few money, but often buy brand -name bags and cosmetics. They owe a few credit card bills every month, but they still refuse to take it. It seems that only these luxury goods can make them more noble and confident, and show their ability and achievements. And this is not the case. The "noble" on the surface does not represent the truth of the facts. Maybe you can deceive everyone, but after all, you can't lie to yourself. The "noble" installed is never a long time. If you really integrate into the upper circle, you need to work hard to improve your ability and position to truly match the high circle. The "Shanghai Make -out Group" was reduced to a laughingstock for a while. How can there be so many Bai Fumi and Gao Fushuai, and really excellent people are actually very low -key.

  2. I think the phenomenon reflected by the Shanghai celebration group is very real, because now there are many people who admire vanity. In order to make themselves look brighter, they do a lot of things. Others think they are excellent, which is enough.

  3. Everyone has vanity, so the behavior of this kind of camouflage in the order may really exist. Everyone wants to be decent in front of everyone, and this method is exactly in line with their needs for their low -cost packaging, so it is still still I believe this phenomenon exists

  4. Quite real, although they are not real ladies, but the phenomenon of this kind of order is very real, and more and more people like to pursue this noble life.

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