1 thought on “How to enroll students in a small dining table?”

  1. Enrollment magic weapon 1: According to different consumer groups, different enrollment strategies are adopted.
    During the market enrollment of a family -style dining table, it is necessary to conduct detailed group classification for customers in different categories, which are core customers, which are key customers, and which are interested customers. Essence With the intention of customers, when you find that the intention customers are willing to sign up for your family -style dining table, they must closely contact customers in the later period, so that the intention customers can feel your sincerity in the communication, and finally achieve the purpose of successful registration.
    A enrollment magic weapon 2: According to the off -season and peak season, make a good enrollment plan in advance.
    The successful enrollment personnel will completely cut into the market during the peak season, just like Mai Ji grabbing harvest. In the off -season, make various preparations to lay the foundation for the enrollment of the peak season. Preparations include: market segmentation, what are the competition institutions, market capacity, geographical distribution of customer groups, etc. These problems are enrollment. Personnel prepare for the enrollment of the peak season in the off -season.
    The enrollment magic weapon 3: Create a good image so that customers have awareness of the institution.
    For customers, when entering the family -style small dining table consultation registration, they will make a judgment in their own psychology through the image of the center and the decoration of the store before determining whether the registration price of this center is appropriate. This is actually the essence of sales. Therefore, before the enrollment, investors must position the style of family -style dining tables, so that parents have aware of the center before seeing the price of a family -style dining table.
    Themail magic weapon four: word of mouth, establish a sense of trust in the homeland.
    Meral reputation may not be able to directly promote orders, but it is indeed necessary conditions. It requires daily, cautious and long -term maintenance. The good word -of -mouth content includes the central location, environment, decoration, design, brand, curriculum, personnel quality, receiving people, etc. These are the foundations of word -of -mouth communication. Having a good social reputation will make enrollment easier.

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