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  1. There is a brush motor that is a rotary motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (motor) or converts mechanical energy into electrical energy (generators). There is a foundation for all motors. It has the characteristics of fast -starting, timely braking, smooth speed regulation, and relatively simple control circuits.
    The brush -free motor consists of an electric motor body and a driver, which runs in a self -control type, so it will not be launched on the rotor on the rotor like the transition speed adjustment. Disvoy and lose. rn两者的区别:rn1适用范围:rnrn无刷电机的设备可以运用于:乳制品行业、酿造行业、肉制品加工行业、豆制品加工行业、 The beverage processing industry, pastry processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic precision plants, and some higher -demanding dust -free workshops, etc.,
    The brush motor: can only be applicable to all kinds of toilets, etc. It is not available like dust -free workshop and explosion -proof workshop.

    2 Life life:
    The brushless motor: It can work for about 20,000 hours in a row, and the conventional service life is 7-10 years.
    The brush motor: It can work continuously for about 5,000 hours, and the conventional service life is 2-3 years.

    3 The effect of use:
    The brushless motor: run at a high speed of 90-95m/s, the actual effect can reach 5-7s dry time.
    Carbon brush motor: operating speed and drying time are much lower than the brushless motor.

    4 Energy -saving:
    Relative to, the power consumption of the brushless motor is only 1/3 of the carbon brush.

    5 After the maintenance of the maintenance after the brush motor is worn, the carbon brush is replaced after the brush motor is worn, but also the accessories around the motor such as the tooth, the cost is much higher. The main thing is that the overall function will be affected.
    The brush without brush motor, wear is mainly on the bearing. From a mechanical perspective, a brushless motor is almost a maintenance motor. When necessary, just do some dust removal maintenance. Can.

  2. Electric Machinery, commonly known as "motor") refers to an electromagnetic device that realizes electrical energy conversion or transmission according to the law of electromagnetic induction.
    The motor is represented by letters M (old standard D) in the circuit. Its main function is to produce a driving torque as the power source of power with electrical appliances or various machinery.
    The motor is a type of motor. The stator winding of the motor is mostly made into three -inquy star -shaped connection methods. The same three -phase asynchronous motor is very similar. The motor's rotor is adhered to a magnetic permanent magnet. In order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, the position sensor is installed in the motor.

    The brush -free DC motor consists of a motor body and a driver. It is a typical electromechanical product.

  3. The most conventional understanding is that ordinary DC motors connect the power supply to the power supply through a brush, and the brushless motor cancels the brush and connects the power supply through the wire board to the telegram.

  4. You don’t have to understand this problem. Now most of the electric vehicles and motors are brushed. The product is already producting seven or eight years ago (brushless)

  5. Brushless engine: a typical electromechanical product

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