4 thoughts on “Seeking recommended second -hand color photocopiers”

  1. The second -hand color machines within 6000 can only be low speed, but the second -hand is not easy to buy. In some cases, it is recycled by the dealer. It is recommended to buy Liguang C2010, Kemei C210, and the later cost of second -hand color machines must not be low. Wide, it is recommended to buy new machines directly. The above two models can be obtained within 10,000!

  2. You can buy this Canon MP288 new only 400 you spend more than 100 ink box! This machine is still good, the copying effect is still good for more than a year!

  3. If it is 6000, why buy a second -hand, you can buy it brand new. Sharp’s 1808S is quite suitable for you, (Suzhou Lianjia)

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