1 thought on “Where is the largest used car trading market in Chongqing?”

  1. Chongqing's largest used car market is the Western International Car City used car trading market, with the address located at No. 20 in Yuman Avenue. In addition, the Chongqing Auto Expo Center used car trading market and Majiayan second -hand car trading market is also a considerable second -hand car trading market. The address is located in the 99th Auto Bo Center of Jinyu Avenue at the northern New District and the Majiayan second -hand car trading market. Here are more related introductions: used car trading market: Used car trading market is a place for the secondary transaction of motor vehicle commodities, and it is also the dual attributes of intermediary service providers and commodity operators. The functions of the used car trading market are: transfer, transfer, insurance, acquisition, auction, used car evaluation, purchase, replacement, sales, cards and other services. In addition, the used car trading market should comply with relevant national laws and regulations, check the legitimacy of second -hand car transactions, and must prevent illegal assembly of cars, smuggling cars, stealing cars, and poor certificates and certificates. Because of the advantages of economic affordable, low discount rate, no distress, and good parts of parts, it has made purchase of used cars the first choice for many car owners. There are many places to buy and sell second -hand cars in Chongqing. For example, it can be selected from the Chongqing old car market, brokerage company, and 4S stores in the new and new channels. However, the trading situation of used cars and new cars is different. Each used car is a separate individual. Even under the annual model of the same model, there are hundreds of thousands of second -hand cars in Chongqing, and most of them are thousands of. This is also a major advantage of used cars.

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