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  1. You can apply for a training institution. When the students have completed the relevant courses, they can allow the institution to apply for an assessment on their behalf. After the exam is over, the professional talent certification center will issue a relevant certificate to prove that the applicant has obtained the corresponding correspondence Level consolidation service capabilities.
    . As of 2021, the current storage and organizer certificate on the market is roughly divided into several types:
    1. Certificate issued by the Occupation Talent Certification Center, Professional Talent Certification Management Center The association, well -known universities and other units jointly were established. They were more authoritative and highly recognized. The certificates issued by the consolidated home were filing on the Internet and can be inquired.
    2. The training institution has issued a certification certificate itself. This certificate is issued by the training institution to its college. The market recognition and credibility are relatively low.
    If infant flower storage organizers' responsibilities:
    want to be a professional wardrobe finisheder, not only must be beautiful, the most important thing is to facilitate the development of services. In addition, communication with customers is also an important learning content. The organizer must first stand from the perspective of customers and consider it for customers; they must also use words to guide customers, what should be left, what should be abandoned, and strive to organize the service to be the best.
    The organizer must have a certain understanding of fashion items, so if you want to be a small partner of the closet, you must always pay attention to the fashion industry. Because most people who need wardrobe organizers will have a number of people with better economic foundations, paying attention to the trend, and can better understand customer needs.

  2. Register a regular training course on the market.
    The method of reorganizing the storage division at the current fastest is to register a more formal training course on the market. For example, the voyage income division training course is merged. We will serve from the storage division to the storageist lecturer. There is also a kind of quickly entering the bank to storage and organizing the industry, which is to join the storage and organizer team, but the general team is not recruited, even if it recruits people to participate in training. Training students still need to spend money to join. The most money -saving method is to spend a few dollars to buy a storage tutorial and study and study at home. If you can finish the home, you can take the customer slowly. The price of the previous service is lower, and the accumulated experience is more. The disadvantage of this method is that there are no customers in the early stage, no corresponding documents, and it is difficult for customers to trust.
    The only cooperate with the training institutions and the Chinese Institute of Management Sciences to conduct a decentralized certificate.
    In more employment details, welcome to understand: Wenda.hqwx/Catlist-121/? UTM_CAMPAIGN = Hehuoren

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer killnAsk me, I said it can be verified, the state acknowledged!nAnswer Hello, online learning and offline learning organizers are currently mature in first -tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other development.nCan I ask?nAnswer Hello, as long as you evaluate the relevant training institutions, you will issue a certificate to younIt mainly depends on whether you have any local training? At present, there are some large first -tier cities, there are such training institutionsnDoes the question need the minimum diploma? Or there is no diploma restriction?nAnswer this currently there is no special restriction of academic qualifications. Of course, the higher the degree of education, the ability to accept, and the stronger learning ability is strongernHaving said that, studying courses and obtaining certificates is an entry qualification. To be professional or become an expert, practice in individuals, rely on individuals to further study and practice.nIn the future within 3-5 years, I believe there will be a lot of changes. Perhaps "storage and organizer" will become a profession that every family needs like "Yueyue".nMore 8nBleak

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