1 thought on “How to write the group introduction of the League of Legends”

  1. First write the requirements of recruiting people, such as changing the ID and changing the vest.
    In subsequent writing some intuitive group requirements, such as not allowing yellow, violent speech, political speech, etc.
    and then briefly describe the activities in the group and the purpose of building groups.
    Finally, add some polite words to the group.

    For example: this group welcomes the addition of players in the League of Legends (or XX). Please change the game ID (or change the vest in the group) in the group. The group is rigorously involved in yellow, violence, illegal, politics, blood, abuse, etc. (then you can add the benchmark of punishment, such as how many prohibitions are often prohibited, and you can kick out the group, etc.). Example: This group will organize water friends' civil war, big fighting, matching, old driver belt ...

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