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  1. Shanghai Power Co., Ltd., one of the top three companies in the domestic PCB industry.
    has always been used in the Four sections: correspondence board, mid -to -high -end automotive board, industrial control board and consumption, which has been used in the PCB products of Shanghai Power and Electricity. Relevant personnel of Dongguan Boyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. pointed out that the current lineboard of Shanghai Electricity Co., Ltd. will have different types of production due to different regions.
    It like the Kunshan Qingsong plant mainly operates a communications board; and the Hubei Huangshi New Factory also takes off the production of high -end products. At that time, each PCB company will be in the wave of time. There is a significant difference that Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. cannot be regarded as the largest PCB manufacturer, but it cannot be ignored that its output growth rate in recent years is still amazing, and its interest rate is also continuously rising.
    The No. 2 Shennan Circuit of the top three companies in the domestic PCB industry.
    Beyuan electronic engineers pointed out that the business of the Shennan circuit was not limited to PCB at that time. Its business was relatively broad, involving many aspects, such as electronic installations and IC boards. A large amount of communication equipment is more than 60%of the output.
    Hangnan circuit headquarters is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen, while the branch plants are in Wuxi and Nantong, Jiangsu. The product projects involved in factorys in different regions are different. Its performance is also continuously improved with the rapid expansion of demand.
    News, the customer groups of the Shennan circuit are mostly concentrated in the communication equipment. The proportion of Huawei can reach 60%. Most high.

    The three Boyuan Electronics of the top three companies in the domestic PCB industry.
    The Dongguan Boyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. has also continued to have its own positioning and value manifestations in the development of recent years. After all, through the struggle and efforts in recent years, advanced concepts and systems have been established to meet the satisfaction of satisfaction. Customers' demand to create better technology and technology can be in the top of the customer, such as delivery products.
    but when customers are looking for the PCB line board processing factory, they also pay special attention to the quality of the product? How about charging? Waiting for such problems on time, and Bo Yuan Electronics is also because they are in place in these three aspects, so they will gain a lot of customers' praise. Although it can not be reached in a tide, the satisfaction is close to the satisfaction. 99%.

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