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  1. First, the understanding of the innovative industrial cluster is still vague. Although industrial clusters are the basic laws of industrial development, my country has not generally used the concept of industrial clusters until recent years. Many people have a blurred understanding of industrial clusters, especially innovative industrial clusters.
    For example, some people understand industrial clusters as industrial concentration or industrial agglomeration or industrial chain, etc., and simply understand the innovative industrial cluster as a cluster based on high -tech industries. At the same time, there are many misunderstandings about the development of industrial clusters. "To run the park", excessively emphasize the geographical concentration of the industry; in some places, regardless of local conditions, excessively emphasize the "industrial chain" (or stretching or extending) of the "industrial chain", and hardly engage in the industry "Jackie Chan supporting" "The whole"; excessively relying on the development of industrial clusters for large enterprises or large projects, ignoring the main role of small and medium -sized enterprises in the formation of industrial clusters; attaching importance to the construction of hard environment such as "seven -pass and one level", infrastructure, etc., and neglecting the construction of soft environment such as cultural exchanges.
    The institutional environment of innovative industrial clusters is incomplete. The development of industrial clusters is inseparable from the support of the institutional environment. The development of innovative industrial clusters also requires the appropriate guidance of the government. Although my country's innovative industrial clusters have developed in recent years, in general, the institutional environment of innovative industrial clusters is not perfect.
    This is mainly reflected in: the relevant regulations are not sound; the policies that encourage the development of innovative industrial clusters are still lacking; government functions change lag, "absence" and "offside" coexist, and public services are not enough; industry associations and other non -non -public services; industry associations and other non -non -public services; industry associations and other non -non -public services; Government organizations are slow; intellectual property protection is weak, and the property rights and credit environment are poor; financial guarantee institutions, educational institutions and intermediary service institutions are insufficient; stiff administrative divisions are not conducive to large -scale flow and gathering of production factors.
    Third, some innovative industrial cluster industrial levels and added value are low. Because many innovative industrial clusters in my country are still in the early stages of formation, and mainly rely on low -cost strategies to form a competitive advantage, innovative industrial clusters generally have the problem of low industrial levels and low added value.
    For example, the technology and knowledge content of enterprise products in some clusters are low, and high value -added industries and products are insufficient; low value -added industrial clusters are more and fewer high -tech industrial clusters; Not strong, sampling survey shows that the proportion of enterprises independently developed in the Pearl River Delta region is less than 40%, and most enterprises do not have core technologies; they are low as the basic labor skills of technological innovation. In some manufacturing clusters "; Due to the constraints of conservative traditional culture, the innovation awareness of enterprises in the cluster is insufficient, and the talent liquidity is low.
    Fourth, the level of division of labor in some innovative industrial clusters is low. Innovative industrial clusters are an important manifestation of the continuous deepening of division of labor collaboration. However, due to the incomplete market system and the poor credit environment, many local innovation industrial clusters have a low level of division of labor cooperation and cannot meet the needs of development. It is manifested in the poor outsourcing consciousness in the cluster, and the industrial chain is incomplete.
    The traditional industrial clusters of furniture, clocks, clothing, machinery, machinery, shoe, and craftsmanship have a considerable economic scale, but most of the finished products and parts are completed within a single enterprise. ; Vicious competition in similar companies in the cluster, compressing each other, cooperation and union are difficult to form a specialized division of labor and cooperative industrial networks that are supported and dependent on each other; The mechanism and cooperation atmosphere, except for a small number of universities such as Zhongguancun, these universities or scientific research institutions have not better become an important source of industrial cluster innovation.

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