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  1. Small videos in WeChat group

    How to improve the quality of humanized service, how to observe our educational behavior with the idea of ​​children's education?

    It took the car in the morning, the grade director showed me a video. The video records the scene of first -year girls in the bedroom. ——In girls stand in two rows. At the forefront, several children who look like student cadres walked back and forth with excitement, and loudly rejected the classmates in front of the team.我听了一下,这几个恶声恶气的学生干部,反复嚷着的内容是:“L老师的嗓子都累得说不出话了,你们还在吵,你们到底有没有良心……” r n
    The trained young classmates shook their heads one by one and did not say anything. Of course, the video did not see Teacher L in the mouth of the little cadre. This video was put on the parent WeChat group in the class by the teacher. The parents saw the video and fry it for a while. Everyone talked about it, and it was quite slight. Parents who were reprimanded classmates said: "Oh! It turns out that my child, I accept such high treatment every day at school." The parents of the dormitory cadres who reprimand the classmates said, "Oh! It turns out that my child was taught by the teacher to be taught by the teacher. Such a fierce face. "Some parents questioned the class teacher. What does the video of life make this video mean? Is this the daily performance of children in the bedroom?

    -The head teacher is a new young man who is new to the employment. Therefore, the report was reported to the grade director, and the chairman of the grade reflected the situation to the principal. At the same time, the grade director also communicated with the supervisor of life. At the beginning, the life supervisor received the call of the grade director, and he did not attach great importance to this matter. However, the life supervisor still asked this life teacher to talk, and asked her to explain some explanations to the parents to recover the adverse effects. I did not know that the life teacher said without saying a word, and exited directly from the parent group in the class.

    The people who stabbed the big basket, but disappeared in a negative way, which made everyone speechless! The next day, a good parent who made this video was sent into the group, which further expanded the adverse effects. The school's work is very passive. However, there is no way, the fault of life teachers can only pay the order by the class teacher, the grade director, and the life supervisor. Everyone took action, exhausted my tongue, and dredged the dissatisfaction of the parents, and persuaded the irrational parent to revoke the vibrato.

    In afterwards, everyone is thinking and asking, what kind of motivation for this life teacher to send this video out of this video and what the purpose wants to achieve -some people speculate that she may want to tell parents or teacher that His job is very hard. It is also speculated that she may want to tell parents or discipline teachers in this class: there are many naughty students, it is not easy to manage. Let parents or teachers feel very hard and tired. Some teachers said: Maybe she didn't think so much at all, but just wanted to vent a very difficult emotions to manage the students, and was very anxious in her heart. Therefore, "slap" was sent up. No matter what motivation she is out of the video, it is really not appropriate to send the video to the circle casually.

    First of all, letting student cadres discipline students in this simple and rude way, which is the misleading method of education. Secondly, take the scenes that are contrary to the laws of education and send it to the public network. This is the mistake. It can be seen that the lack of basic educational concepts of life teachers, what she did, seriously violated the law of children's physical and mental development. It hurts parents' feelings and the school image is damaged.

    The next day of the incident, some cadres proposed that in order not to have a branch of the exogenous, there are no more similar things, and all the life teachers kick all the life teachers from the class group. Because life teachers are basically aunts of the ages of forty or fifty years old. They are not highly cultural, and they really dare not compliment their quality and literacy.

    The life teacher is not in the group. Of course, it can avoid some unnecessary educational risks. To a certain extent, it can also eliminate the conflict of interpersonal relationships and avoid the status quo of tension between home and school due to improper communication. However, if you do n’t enter the group, can you avoid all the problems, or if you do n’t let the life teachers enter the WeChat group, it is the only shortcut to solve the problem -at this point, you have to make a big question mark?

    This improvement of its own literacy and refining education wisdom. In terms of educational knowledge and professional skills, more cultivation is used as much as possible. Use business training to improve the professional literacy of life teachers, so that life teachers know which behaviors are in line with education laws, which behaviors violate children's physical and mental development, and violate humanity. Understand which behaviors can be done and what behaviors cannot be done. This is probably a top priority and the key to solving the problem. Because, on the premise that you can't solve the structure of the teacher's team, all we can do is to help them cultivate internal skills and improve their own literacy. In addition, how to strengthen the standardized management of WeChat groups is also a problem that the school must solve at the institutional level.

    New well, the network is a double -edged sword. The network does facilitate our lives, making communication more direct, more convenient, and more timid. However, it is the so -called "fear". Once it is confusing, the Internet is also very easy to mislead the audience and blind the public. Because it is unknown, and then, when the group attacks, it has happened from time to time. Therefore, in some developed areas, some schools have revoked the parents WeChat group and QQ group. Because the network platform is difficult to control. For official duties such as news release, assignment arrangement, the head teachers use the software of "Xiaobi Black" as much as possible. If you use the habit of communication platform, it will not be changed for a while, and the school should launch a management system as soon as possible. Based on the principle of who to build a group and who is responsible, the owner is the first responsible person of the platform. The group mainly strengthened the relevant management in the group -such as issuing group management announcements in the early stage, and in the later period, the content of the management announcement was resolutely implemented. It is necessary to implement related intervention in some violations of the rules in the group, such as prohibition, kicking out of the group, and so on. The school uses administrative forces to hold relevant responsible persons, order it to recover the impact, and so on. These are the essential presets and constructions of the institutional level.


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