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  1. The creative group names are: funny than family, May flower male god group, spicy chicken self -cultivation.
    Meponic management rights are the right to maintain common parts and common physical properties and ensure the operation of supporting facilities. According to my country's "Regulations on Property Management", the owner enjoys the following rights in property management activities:
    (1) Accept the services provided by property management enterprises in accordance with the agreement of the property service contract.
    (2) Proposal to hold a meeting of the owners and make suggestions on the relevant matters of the property management.
    (3) Suggestions to formulate and modify the rules of the convention of the owner and the host meeting.
    (4) Participate in the Owner Conference meeting to exercise the right to vote.
    The rights of owners:
    Pypical ownership of the ownership of the proprietary part of the building, the right to use, use, return, and punishment of the proprietary part of the building.
    The co -ownership of the owners include the common ownership of all buildings, and the co -ownership of public places, venues, and facilities in public places, venues, and facilities in the construction zone; The legal service rights of parking spaces and garage. This co -owner includes the right to use the right to use, income distribution, danger and obstruction.

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