1 thought on “I recorded a guitar accompaniment by myself, how to join the singing video”

  1. Put the recording tracks in the computer for matching.
    The video editing software such as PR can be made.
    . Accompaniment, music terms, accompanied by the instrumental performance of singing. The Peking Opera vocal accompaniment is mainly based on the main instrument Jinghu, using a full accompaniment method. That is, the accompaniment is basically consistent with the singing song, and there can be a variety of decorative sounds or high -level voices. The accompaniment task must also perform the part of the pure instrument such as the door to connect to the phrase. Generally, the singing music is accompanied by the band of the main instrument. For human vocal music, parts other than human voice are accompanied. For pure music, there is no accompaniment. The guitar is often regarded as the main musical instrument in popular music, rock music, blue tones, folk songs, and Fran Minggo. In the field of classical music, guitar often performs with solo or dual -type performances. Of course, in the indoor music and orchestral music, the guitar also plays a considerable degree of foil characters.

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