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  1. In today's society, many people do not want to depend on others and do things under others, so they will choose to start their own business, but entrepreneurship is very difficult, so there is no less entrepreneurial plan. 900 words for everyone for your reference.
    model essays of Beauty Store Entrepreneurship Plan 1
    . Industry analysis
    Pei industry since 20-year, with the continuous improvement of the people's living standards, the market snowball is rapidly expanded, so as to use The average annual rate of 20%increases. At present, the market is in a high -speed development stage.
    . After more than 20 years of development, the demand for China's beauty industry has exceeded Japan and South Korea, ranking first in Asia, second only to the United States and France worldwide, and China will inevitably become the world's largest consumer market in the future. With the implementation of the Chinese government's expansion of domestic demand policies, the beauty industry is becoming the fifth largest consumption hotspot after real estate, automobiles, electronic communications, and tourism. Looking back at the growth of the beauty industry for more than 20 years, the industry generally shows the large -scale growth growth, the technical level has increased rapidly, and the scale of employment personnel has expanded rapidly (the total number of beauty employees in the country is about 15 million, becoming the industry with the largest number of employment in the tertiary industry .) The characteristics of wage levels have increased rapidly and operating income has increased significantly.
    At present, the structure distribution pattern of beauty institutions is: private (including individuals) account for 92%, three -funded enterprises account for 4%, state -owned and state -owned holding accounts for 3%, and others account for 1%.
    The landscape service project pattern is: 76%of institutions based on living beauty, and 24%of institutions based on hairdressing. Among them, it is 19.67%of the makeup, 15.06%of those who are both beautiful, and 4.5%of those who lose weight.
    Stimetic salons are mainly facial care and physical massage, but to this day, traditional Chinese medicine health weight loss and body treatment courses have occupied the main source of beauty salon profits. Therefore, the health hall can not only attract beauty lovers, but also the way for urban people to pursue health. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of my country's economic level, the number of sub-health people has also increased significantly. In 20--, the number of sub-health groups in China has reached 510 million. Combined with the above analysis of the industry, its own advantages and experience in the industry have decided to open a professional SPA health club.
    . Operating funds budget
    1. Total funds: 1 million.
    2. Funding use:
    (1) Store rent and deposit.
    (2) Store decoration cost.
    (3) The items and instruments required for business.
    (4) Sales of personnel.
    (5) Advertising expenses.
    (6) turnover funds.
    . Entrepreneurship preparation
    1. Store type positioning: bottom merchant (200-300 square meters)
    . Store business district survey: surrounding competitors, projects operated and customers operated The unit price, the surrounding consumption level, the client rate of the community, the number of customer bases, and the available Tuke resources available.
    3. Business projects: face, SPA, health project. (The world's top SPA project; targeted, fast -effective health projects)
    4. Store decoration: Design room layout according to the project.
    5. Target consumer group: people at the level of mid -to -high -end consumption level.
    6. Product brand selection, project pricing.
    7. Employee training (etiquette training, product training, method training, reception process training, etc.), project settings.
    8. Employee salary setting.
    . Selected project analysis
    1. Facial projects: According to each age group, different skin conditions, set suitable nursing projects to meet customer needs. (Basic, efficient, special, season, etc.)
    2. SPA projects: Ji Gu Egypt, Italy, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, the Philippines, China, more than 40 species in more than 40 countries around the world The top SPA is in one, the unique design of the room, the fairy -tale story background, and the thoughtful service, so that customers can feel the noble and enjoyable.
    3. Health project: From the skin-meat-bone-internal organs --- meridian-qi and blood starts with 6, comprehensively regulate customers' sub-health state. Maximize the needs of customers.
    . Store operation plan
    1. Tuoke, stay customer
    Method: Use the project in the store to promote
    (1) Elevator advertisement of elevators around the store r
    (2) Online group purchase promotion
    (3) and other units around the store, resource sharing
    2. Employee training, improve professional skills and service levels, good customer management, increase customer arrival rate , Increase the number of card consumption.
    3. Promotion and promotion of seasonal projects in the store.
    4. Introduce the reward plan for old customers to bring new customers to attract customers with new and new customers and increase the number of customers.
    5. Hold a small salon meeting on a regular basis, closer the distance from customers, so that customers can feel the difference between the store and other beauty salons and enhance the loyalty of customers.
    6. The customer's thank you meeting was held at the end of the year.
    7. Organize the employee conference, summarize the annual performance and the sales and annual planning of next year, and reward outstanding employees.
    6. Estimated income
    1. After opening, the investment funds (1 million) in the first half of the year, with an average monthly performance of 167,000.
    2. In the next half of the year, the target performance was 1.2 million, with an average monthly performance of 200,000.
    model essays of Beauty Store Entrepreneurship Plan 2
    . Project and company profile
    The projects are named: County-Project Address:-County-Project type: The main business scope of the service industry: the main business scope of the service industry : Beauty-cutting beauty service and beauty hairdressing product sales-County Art Cuts X-20X-X-X ---- to apply for all licenses, it is a sales of hair, hair cutting, beauty services and beauty hairdressing products Small enterprises, enterprises are located in the center of the population flow of the county seat. The facilities of this enterprise are complete, the price is real, the health conditions are good, the technical majors, and the service is warm and thoughtful.
    . Service introduction
    Main business scope: hairdressing hair cutting beauty and beauty service
    also operating: beauty and hairdressing product sales
    Master, I have always been a professional beauty consultant in the beauty industry for more than 5 years. The facilities of this enterprise are complete and introduced the big haircut products of Tide Cai and Sheng Weina. The beauty of the enterprise will be fixed on your head!
    . Market analysis
    1, the current-current consumption level is the same-the same horizontal line, and the beauty and hairdressing market is even more self-evident.
    2, because the population is small, most young people go out to work, and those who work locally also like to consume.
    3, because this business has always come to profits, and the large -scale hairdressing store industry in Yanling is currently popular. Our enterprise is located on Dongshan. There is no medium and large hairdressing stores here.
    4, because many people are optimistic about the prospects of this industry, new hairdressing shops have sprung up, and they are becoming increasingly fierce and the situation is compelling.
    . Marketing plan
    1. Bioo, hair cutting, beauty services.
    2. Sales of beauty and hairdressing products.
    3. Address:-County-East--.
    4. Promotion methods: advertisements, acquaintances, passed down from the guests, and launch various promotional activities regularly.
    . Business mode
    1. hair cutting sutra mode
    flushing hair → hair cutting → flushing hair → dry hair → cashier Model flush hair → hairstyle → upper type → warm → flush hair → dry hair → cashier → farewell guests
    . Enterprise management plan
    formulated personnel management system, financial management system, fire management system , Hygienic safety and procurement system, customer loss of goods.
    7. Entrepreneurship team
    Cocatay: individual industrial and commercial households
    General manager and finance: plan, determine goals, supervise, coordinate internal and external relations, cashier, accounting, receipt, receipt of money Management cash
    The shopkeeper and hairdressing: Manage the whole store and the ability of the whole store, the ability to cut hair, and dyeing perm, high technology, careful and careful work, and strong sense of responsibility.
    A hairdressing: good hair cutting, dyeing perm technology, carefulness, and strong sense of responsibility.
    I hairdressing assistant: During shampooing and perchibutba, assistant assistant, patient, good work, good image
    hairdressing assistant: During shampooing and dyeing perm, assistant assistant, patience, sense of responsibility
    hairdressing assistant: During shampooing and perching, the assistant is serious, patient, and good service.
    8. Analysis of the feasibility of investment benefits
    Maimei distribution industry is a one -time investment, high -quality depreciation rate, and a high service state of high service state. Generally, a large update of items must be updated in the fourth year With interior decoration, renovation and upgrading, it is necessary to fully estimate the market according to the four -year plan, make a good market budget and risk control, and strive to return to the previous two years.
    9. Financing plan and returns
    Wamed funds, independently undertake corporate risks and management. At present, it is necessary to improve, upgrade facilities and decoration, bigger and stronger, and the budget requires 200,000. The government's small loan support, with the current good operating status prediction, can be repaid on time on time.
    Ten, corporate risk and prevention
    1. Risk: product quality, safety, hygiene safety, stealing, etc.
    2. Preventive measures: Do a good job of health and safety prevention measures, strictly purchase the quality of good products, install electronic cameras, do a good job of doors and windows anti -theft measures, and warn the staff to keep their vigilance from time to time.
    11. Enterprise development expression
    Yanling County is in a high -consumption county, and haircut, hairdressing beauty is a lifelong pursuit for everyone. Our company now has a certain customer management and foundation Management experience has a relatively stable and excellent team. As long as you grasp the machine, take good care, enthusiasm, and integrity to the customers, carefully operate, improve the upgrade facilities, and continuously improve the level of management and management.
    model essays of beauty shop entrepreneurial plan 3
    . Corporate description
    1. Company profile
    " -" Beauty center is a family commitment to maintaining skin care for the majority of female compatriots The service institutions mainly provide agency sales services for beauty nails, skin care, massage and skin care products. Dedicated to provide high -quality, healthy, safe products and services for female customers. This agency will develop a diversified development, and be a beauty salon that women can enjoy the bottom, medium, and high -income women, and have longed for the development of the concept of beauty of the whole people.
    2. Corporate purpose
    -Beauty center takes "beauty important, security is more important" as the purpose, shape perfection, leads fashion, and create a beautiful, efficient, and fashionable cutting -edge technology Help people who love beauty have a healthy and perfect face, enhance their self -image, and enjoy a high -quality life, so that the beautiful you are healthier, happier, and happier!
    . Mission
    let women enjoy beauty and high high Quality life!
    4. The status quo
    Extraordinary beauty center preparations are open at 20-- Month X. The following are major matters that have been completed for successful opening since the establishment of the company in 20-- Month X. R n The entrepreneurial plan has been completed
    The six -person management team has formed
    The manager of the store manager, administrative marketing department, and beauty nail art teacher consulting department has formed
    And other funds support
    ② to complete matters
    In more funds, build decoration, select equipment, set up services, recruit employees
    , industrial analysis
    1. The beauty industry in the beauty industry Development
    At present, beauty salons can be roughly divided into seven categories of hair salon type, salon type, treatment type, leisure type, enjoyment type, special type, and member type. Various types of beauty salons have their own project settings, business methods, charging standards, and target consumption groups, forming their own different cultural connotation and corporate style.
    The Chinese beauty and cosmetics industry that emerged in the early 1980s, after nearly 30 years of development, has developed from a single product and store service to beauty, hairdressing, medical beauty, body, SPA, nail art, , Tattoos, image design, color, and professional vocational education, related professional instruments, supplies, utensils, R

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