In recent years, Guoman has developed rapidly. Is Guo Man expected to surpass Riman in ten years?

5 thoughts on “In recent years, Guoman has developed rapidly. Is Guo Man expected to surpass Riman in ten years?”

  1. In recent years, we have seen Guoman's emergence and refresh our impression of it again and again. The release of anime movies such as "Big Fish Begonia", "White Snake", "Nezha" and other anime movies have witnessed Guoman, and it seems to gradually rise. This is undoubtedly inspiring for the friends who love anime.
    of course, there is a comparison to make progress. Japan, which we know an anime, is the closest goal of our country's rise. In our cognition, Japanese anime is a big animation country. It feels like each of them will draw comics. The finished products produced by animation are also quite good, so the development of our country cannot leave the reference and study of this.
    But some people say that our country has done a good job now, so can one day go beyond Riman? I can only answer this question, but this will also be a very long process.
    looking at history, the development of Riman has gone through many years, and anime is a belief for many Japanese, and it has become a kind of love. Then I am in such a long history and environment. Among them, the development of Riman is also well developed and can be followed. And what about our anime career? It is recently justified. Most people's love for anime is not so strong. I have exposed to more. I think it is all young people. Moreover, the production of anime is also very hard. It needs to have a corresponding professional person, as well as the plot, and it also needs full. Therefore, the release of anime needs to consider many reasons. Anime production is particularly difficult, and it takes a lot of manpower and energy.

    This is not a matter of two days and two days. This process may be very long, because although our anime is made very well, there are still various lacks. It still needs to be needed. Continue to learn from the anime environment to compare and improve. Therefore, it is impossible to say that surpassing Riman in ten years, but it can become the goal of our development. Of course, we also fight for this goal.

  2. I think that in recent years, Guoman has developed rapidly. Personally, I think the road that this Guoman is currently walking is completely different from the road of Japanese comics, so it is not important to surpass it. Everyone should walk to the roadside, harvest their fan, and bask in their own place. There is no need to take the old path of others, and always chasing them shouting "I want to surpass you!". Isn't it admirable to find a new way of success?
    Why do I say that Japanese anime and Guo Man have not taken the same way at present? In fact, it is obvious. Let's take a look at some of the relatively successful intellectual property rights in China: the current popular "The Demon Children of Nezha", and the previous "The Return of the Great Saint", "White Snake: Origin", "Big Fish Begonia" And Kuiba. The lyrics of this fashionable drama include "Qin Mingyue" and "Zhenhua Street". It is not difficult to find that most animations are currently used in China that are relatively mature 3D animations in China. They are based on manuscripts and are based on manuscripts. They are completely different from various animations. We use more modern production methods.
    The I don't like it very much. Once there are some good animation works in China, some people call it the slogan of "the rise of Guoman". Then they were hostile to compare works from all over the place, as if this animation represents another leap in the Chinese animation industry, surpassing Japan and becoming a big animation country. Within a few minutes, Disney kicked Disney to the next door of the ocean.
    This is very ridiculous for outsiders, and even for some of our own bureaus. It is true that the development of Chinese animation is not easy today. From the "Black Cat Sheriff", "Avanti", "Gourd Brothers", which was popular across the country to today's "The Demon Boy of Nezha", how many years we spent, but this is definitely not our blindness s reason. Therefore, I think that in recent years, Guoman has developed rapidly, and China is expected to surpass Japan in ten years.

  3. my country's animation has also been brilliant. "Big Tuning Tiangong" has also won award internationally. The Great God Tezuka in the Japanese animation industry worships the animation producer of our country, Mr. Wan Yanming. However, my country's animation industry has gone through rugged and bumpy with the country. Reform and opening up in the 1980s and 1990s, many cultural industries survived difficulties. Many people in the animation industry switched to other jobs. Therefore, the phenomenon of talent faults appeared. At that time, the country did not pay attention. It is difficult to develop again. When it comes to the rapid development of Guoman today, it has been in the past few years. To say that it will exceed Japan within ten years. I think there is no drama. It is now the status of the precipitated industry gradually matured for decades. We have a good way in our country first.

    The people have complained about system issues before. The relevant departments have restricted them, and some people say that it is income. How much is the animation producers in Japan? More and so on. At the beginning of the development of the Japanese animation industry, it did not make such money. In particular, Tezuka Morizer used the money to subsidize the comics studio made by his own clinic. It was also very difficult. After so many years of people's industries matured, the animation industry had a lot of talents and divided into details. What about us? Before this point, the cartoonist who came into contact with it in a few years still squeezed in the rental house with only a few hundred yuan per month, which is completely struggling for dreams. Today, the environment is much better, and many people have been eroded. If you work hard to do it, you may not make money. It is better to make a loudly -made animated advertisement, and the latter will earn more money. People are very impetuous and have a faster and relaxed way to make money.

    It no way. The society today is the case. The rich people say that everything is right. If you have money, you will be successful. Golden Ke Law. On the contrary, the unsuccessful person is the loser, and the loser has no right to speak. I don't know how many practitioners who really love anime. It is not necessarily a person who controls the Chinese animation industry. Maybe it is just a successful businessman.

    The big companies are unwilling to do animation. They think that the money is too slow, and the small studio will do it, but when the animation is released, it depends on them. Suppose Tencent is such a large company, but the animation owned by Tencent Animation is not made by them. Tencent's platform is good. He has a huge customer base. Come, Tencent is just a name. Tencent liked the cottage before, and now Tencent likes to acquire. As for the distribution of Tencent and their interests, whether it can coexist together, then whoever fists are big.

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