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  1. 1. About the beautiful verse of the library
    About the aesthetic verse of the library 1. What are the beautiful sentences about "I and Library"
    1. Reading is a heart of a sense.

    2. The noble language contains sincere motivation.

    3. No matter how deep learning is learned from the letter.

    4. The child's heart has love, and the fingers have more brushes.

    5. Reading is also like a mine, "Sali Gold Gold".

    6. Reading to the mind, like exercise to the body.

    7. I advise Jun Mo to stir -fry the oil and stay with your children and grandchildren.

    8. The study is the nest of the literati spirit, the Zen hall of life.

    9. The richness of knowledge can enjoy spiritual satisfaction.

    10. People who can read the books are afraid of nothing.

    11. Get knowledge in learning and achieve bravery in battle.

    12. Read all good books like talking to the most outstanding people in the past.

    13. Writing ten volumes of books is much easier than actual actions.

    14. The most magnificent palace in the world is the library with the most book collection.

    15. The book is a good partner.

    16. If knowledge is not increasing every day, it will continue to decrease.

    17. Knowledge seems to be the more the spring water under the sand, the deeper, the more clear the spring water.

    18. Reading makes people full, talks make people agile, and writing makes people precise.
    2. Description of the library's sentences
    (1) All kinds of books in my library are available. Whether it is the world's attention, fresh prose, or philosophical philosophy Readers in Chinese and foreign poetry can choose and read freely in my library, and enjoy the comfort of the soul in the fragrance of the book in the room.

    Here, there is no noisy voice, only a soft book. As long as you come here, you will always gain something.

    . This is the source of my happiness. (2) The library is a very quiet place. Whenever I come to the library, I have changed from a waistboard and a legitimate person into a stomach, as if I do something wrong.

    Because the library is too quiet, you can't bear to break its tranquility, I have to have a cat as much as possible. In the library, even if a needle fell to the ground, I would feel as if I offended everyone, as if I offended the tranquility here.

    It here you can concentrate and enjoy the group books with peace of mind. Although occasionally the library sounds ringtones, it is pleasant, but it is refreshing.

    (3) Because the book of the library makes the teacher more like and believe in me. I used to do not like to answer questions, and I even hate students.

    . However, since I went to the library, I have enriched a lot of knowledge and made the composition better and better. From a book I know the teacher's hard work, I feel that I should study hard.

    This no longer waste time, no longer disappoint the teacher. I set my goal and study hard.

    Since that day, I have been busy for my goal. Gradually, I found new fun from learning.

    Thank you, library, all books in the library. It is your interest that arouses my learning. It is how you let me know how to be a person.

    ! Library, I am proud of you, I am proud! (4) How long have I not gone to the library? It seems that since I was in my junior year, I gradually stopped going to the library. I have always liked the library, walking quietly and freely, and the atmosphere there makes me have the desire to read. The air is full of scent in the air.

    The self -study room, somehow, hate it. Although the library will have the footsteps of walking from time to time, the sound of calling, turning the book, and whispering, it will not reduce my love for here, does not affect my mood of reading books, and calmly, like lying on the window sill and basking in the sun. The kitten, naughty satisfaction, scratching his little belly, so cute.

    (5) The library is like a paradise, which can make people get intoxicated in it; the library is like a seductive teacher, which not only gives people rich knowledge, but also cultivates people's sentiments; books of the book; The library is a link between people to communicate with each other. It can be communicated through its communication and becoming a good friend (6) library. For those who like books like me, it is simply a person who likes books. In addition to the above two items, it is completely impossible to find things. The rare thing is that I have asked me. The Qingdao Library is also less than two stations from my residence. A bottle of water and a bread, a happy day in the library. Go early to occupy a good position in the corner, pick up a few Chinese -like books, and rest for a while when you are tired.

    The watching time is gradually disappearing outside the large glass window. It is a kind of quiet secretion that can never feel a computer. The most important thing is to get their air -conditioning, hahaha.

    (7) I will not forget the wonderful time I read in the library, because it does not know how many joy to bring me and how much knowledge is given to me. It is the library that let me move forward towards the coast of knowledge. (8) There is a large library in our school, and many students go to the library every day to read. Not only the school, but also a book corner in the class! I can read it at the library or read the library corner.

    (9) I came gently and entered the library next to you. This is a unique new library that is different from the previous ordinary library. This is very clean and tidy, elegant and comfortable. Each floor is wiped out. Each bookshelf is made of oily mahogany. Each row of books is as neat as the guards. Moderate height, every reader devotes himself.

    This library is good and beautiful, but if there is no such partner with this small forest, then everything is good. (10) In memory, that year, the school had just opened the library, and I met with this friend for the first time.

    At that time, I loved to go there to show the book. On the day of the day, every year, in the past few years, as long as it is free, the school's library has become a place where I avoid noisy. Where.

    Sometimes I have forgotten the time and forget to take class when I wait for a while. When I return to the classroom, I will be reprimanded by the teacher. I am obsessed with love and sincerity, and the detailed words before the flowers. I can't extricate myself. I wander around the group books. I am intoxicated by the infinite tranquility of the library.

    (11) The library is full of poetic spirit and scent, flowing with melody, interpretation of wonderful places, I harvest books in the library, I am in the book, I Grow! (12) As soon as I entered the library, Qiqi and I couldn't wait to go to the bookshelf to find my favorite books. There are all kinds of books on the bookshelf! A row of books in a row of books lined up with neat teams. We were drowned in the world of the book and the ocean of knowledge. ), We are deeply attracted by the books here, but the library stipulates that we borrow up to four books each time. After repeated choices, we have borrowed four books.
    3. Write the sentence of the library
    The library is not made; they are growing.

    The scholars who lack fantasy in Paomor can only be a good mobile library and living reference book. He only masters knowledge, but will not create. The library names of the German drama Ledin's gentle man grew up in the library. They believe that their responsibilities should be accepted by Sissero, Locke, and bacon. During the book, it was just a young man in the library.

    American writer Aimo Sheng Tsinghua Library has given me a lot of benefits. I feedback some criticisms, such as the American Words in the book, all use carbon black strokes to prove 嗬嗬; thank Oxford Bodeli books The generosity of the museum, I translated "Bodeli" as "full building," also reflects some Chinese rituals and music. Qian Zhongshu, a modern Chinese writer and literary researcher, has arrived.

    The funeral has begun, except forty miles, but I can see it clearly, like I'm present. The location is next to the library of the mansion of Landon. Jien's coffin was parked 40 years ago where her mother and me were standing. We were married there.

    Thirteen years ago, Suxi's coffin was placed there, and it won't be long before my coffin will be placed there. American writer Mark Tuwin shed tears in a hall in a hall. In a square, the ancient song of the Taja elders faced with heavy rain. "The crowd in commemorating the fellow citizens, or in a library, listen to a crowd of poetry recitation, in the government building.
    4. What are the sentences that describe the "library"
    1 Library staff is organized in accordance with this category table to organize a variety of books in an orderly manner.

    2 hours later, we arrived at the library at the same time. 3 Various books in the Beijing Library are so numerous, countless.

    4 of the library is a prompt with a "no loud noise". 5 The library of our school is very rich.

    6 The types of books on the online library are very rich, almost all of them. 7 The most common place for my sister is the library.

    8 The old mayor cut the ribbon for the children's library. 9 Our school has set up libraries and reading rooms.

    The school will be approved by the Education Bureau. This year, a beautiful library will be built. 11 school libraries have a lot of books, providing us with good learning conditions.

    12 This library has set up a forum for scholars and readers to exchange knowledge. 13 He often goes to the library for self -study.

    14 We are idle at home, it is better to go to the library to read books. 15 Everyone is studying hard in the library.

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