2 thoughts on “How to do marketing strategies in the education industry”

  1. 1. Carry out new marketing ideas according to the characteristics of the exclusive industry.
    we want to focus on the "marketing method", then we must analyze the characteristics of some of the current education institutions on the spot. After accurate analysis, I believe that everyone will have a new understanding of marketing methods.
    (1) Although the accuracy of the clues is increased, the conversion cycle does not shorten
    The clue conversion cycle is a point with high customer attention. Parents have a rough research on education every year. Data, data presented to us is that education consumption has been ranked in the top three or even higher, which is enough to see the family's high attention to children's education. With the increase of the increase in education, the investment in education is also increasing year by year. The love is unlimited, so the choice is more cautious, thus lengting the wait -and -see cycle of educational products.
    (2) The stage of marketing success is selected
    I imaginative marketing, we must go from the stage of research object groups. From this point, we can clearly see that the education industry and other industries are different from other industries. In terms of, we will inevitably go through the stage of "screening-decision-payment", and after careful consideration, the crowd facing these three stages is different. From the beginning of screening It is not necessarily myself. The problem is that we must have different marketing methods for different ideas in order to cater to various people.

    2. The roll in the education industry is serious, and the special marketing is intensified.
    It if the word "marketing" is said directly, many people's reactions must be cautious, because the opening of the online industry, the crazy marketing performance of the education industry brings us a deep impression on us , Since the introduction of the policies in the education community, the advertisements in the education industry have also ushered in unprecedented rectification. From the overwhelming of the past to the almost "disappeared" today, this is also a major test for us, so now we are more even more If you ca n’t stop, you may be eliminated by the market a little, and marketing is a vital part of our exploration.

  2. The marketing operation strategy of the education industry can adopt the "three -step" strategy.
    The educational aggregate platform exposure suction powder -drainage to public account, applet, matrix operation promotion -precipitation to APP to provide the best experience.
    often does not have no such idea in the education industry, but considering that these three methods are cost -effective, especially the cost investment of development. It is unrealistic to find outsourcing! You can adopt a professional mobile application platform, such as Dingdang Application. The reason is one production, which is generated in multiple ends. In addition to APP and applets, you can embed H5 in the public account to create a perfect marketing matrix.
    It, many traditional education institutions do not have mobile marketing thinking at all, so it is undoubtedly suitable for finding educational training solutions.

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