4 thoughts on “Target customers of coatings”

  1. The main customer base of coatings is decorative companies. These companies mainly use products that are cost -effective. Just find a purchase. If the company is small, find the boss directly.
    Paining and another type of customers are direct customers. They generally need good services and require you to speak thoroughly. Can tell the benefits of your products. There are relatively many customers. There are also many decision makers.
    If you are a manufacturer, just find the store and look for agents.
    It now as a customer, it is still affordable.

  2. There are about more than 22 to 50 years of buying a house and buying ingredients. You go to the collective information of the woodworking and electricians, because the wooden electricity is advanced before the renovation. If you judge whether he can accept the price, you will ask the house he bought. If there are many people, you want to judge who is a decisive character, when you look at the conversation, ask a few questions, and see who answered the other party more initiative.

  3. The classification of this coating is also divided into indoor and outdoor. There are generally many personal families in the room, and the demand for construction units for construction is more.

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