5 thoughts on “Is there really a lot of money to make money now? Is it "cut leeks"?”

  1. The popularity of the profession of accompanying clients also allows us to see different opportunities in society to a certain extent. It is precisely because of the appearing of the clinician. The better relaxation has also given us a new understanding of this profession. He is mainly a young man on his mobile phone, and then their staff to help their parents go to the hospital to see a doctor and complete the corresponding procedures. Can you better solve the phenomenon of difficulty in seeing a doctor of the elderly. Is there really a very popular "visitor" that is really making money? Is it "cut leeks"?
    I believe that for this issue, many people should have their own opinions and opinions. In my cognition, I think that the popularity of the companion can also show us to some extent Children are difficult to accompany the parents, and they will basically choose to struggle their own careers. This undoubtedly also conveys the importance of the visiting division. Therefore, I think that the profession of accompaniment does not belong to leek cutting, but a occupation derived from people's needs.
    I really is really afraid of getting sick for most elderly people now, especially now that social progress is too fast, and the hospital as a leader in various fields, all equipment is particularly perfect. However, for most of the three hospitals, not only are they complete facilities, but there are also a lot of regional sectors, which is difficult for the elderly to complete it with their own information reserves. The emergence of the clinic profession can make the elderly do not have a lot of confusion about the process of seeing a doctor. According to the guidance of the accompanying room, it can complete their own treatment tasks faster. Take care of yourself.
    So I think that there is a need to be derived, and the record of this profession also gives us the most basic understanding of the changes in the social environment, isn't it?

  2. The clinic party becomes a new profession. The main care of this profession is those who go to the hospital for medical treatment, but it is not clear that the hospital's layout and department distribution, as well as people in the surrounding environment. They can exist as a guide to help everyone find where they need.
    Thising money is indeed making money, but not everyone can make this money, because the first is to ask for a detailed understanding of various departments and overall layouts of the hospital, as well as the surrounding environment. Because since it is called a career, it is the customer who makes money. I spent money and asked, so how does this industry do? So this is still a bit of a threshold, and then there is a question of the customer group. How can I find the customer and squat every day. When I came alone at the door of the hospital, do I ask the clinic service to service? This efficiency is too low. Even if you can make one day, you can't make much money. You still need a platform similar to a brand that adds a service company to combine resources to comprehensively schedule.
    does not take too long to accompany a patient, because normal in the hospital, where to go around in various departments to test? Where to check, where to get the list, and then determine where to buy some necessary daily necessities in this hospital, and the basic introduction of the surrounding environment. This is almost the same in about two hours. Even if it is relatively slow for a long time, there is no problem with a person. The time is longer. Of course, it can be charged according to time. The longer the time, the more money is charged.
    This cut leeks should not be available, because there is a demand to provide supply. People who are older who are old are generally reluctant to spend this money. I think the hospital is so big. Unwilling to spend this injustice, but young people are more likely to accept this kind of thing and greatly improve their efficiency. Because the time of young people is very valuable, he may have asked for a doctor to see a doctor, or it may be used to deal with these things early on Saturday and Saturday. He also wants to go home early to rest and rest. Naturally, there is this profession.

  3. It is not cutting leeks. It is understood that the current charging is about 100 yuan an hour. Many elderly or relatives are not around them need this service.

  4. I don't think it is a phenomenon of cutting leeks. Nowadays, the elderly do not have children's companionship. For safety, some people are willing to spend this money to buy their parents' peace.

  5. Professional companion is still necessary to help the elderly and children deal with problems in time, accompany them for inspection.

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