1 thought on “In the Internet era, how important is the field of vertical subdivision supply chain”

  1. Today, when a company becomes a traditional enterprise, when e -commerce becomes traditional e -commerce, when he chooses to be a micro -business, the first is to face the pain of choosing products. Well, the next pain is constantly changing products and changing products.
    Whether it is doing domestic markets, or foreign markets, and changing products, it means that continuously connecting different customer groups, whether the positioning of the product is accurately connected to the customer group, which means whether the future development path can be steadily. Among them, all costs such as marketing costs, time costs, etc. are more increasing, and in the end are tossing.

    In selection of products, especially emphasizing the supply chain, why attach so much attention to the supply chain? Because when you develop to a certain degree, what should I do? What should I do when it develops to a certain moment and has a quality problem in a certain link? How long does it take to ship? wait.
    The development in the later period will face the problem of supply chain. When choosing a product, the supply chain system and management are critical. To create a successful supply chain, first of all, there must be the correct supply chain strategy. Specifically, the following issues must be considered:
    1. Inventory
    The deployment strategy of cycle inventory
    This deployment strategy of safety inventory
    Seasonal inventory deployment strategies
    2. Transportation n, transportation
    how to choose the transportation method
    path and network how to choose how
    's reaction capacity and profit level of the level of reaction
    3. Facilities
    Factory, distribution How does the center layout
    The facility (flexibility and profitability)
    On how to choose the production method? Is it based on order production or inventory
    How to choose the warehousing method
    The weighing ability and profit level of the level of reaction
    4. Information
    In promotion or stretch type
    How to supply supply Chain coordination and information sharing
    How to improve the accuracy of demand prediction and integration plan
    how to choose
    The weighing ability of reaction capacity and profit level

    How to maintain the flexibility of changes in the supply chain strategy in the case of shortening product life cycle, increased customer requirements, division of supply chain ownership, and continuous development. Segmentation and subdivision will be subdivided, and subdivision cannot be subdivided, emphasizing that there are no small markets in China, and big fish in small fish ponds. This is the thinking of vertical subdivision, and the vertical subdivision industry in the future is the vertical subdivision industry.

    It now all fields are giants, what are the chances of our Internet entrepreneurship? Yes, it is vertical, subdivided, different, and small and beautiful as a giant. For the current Internet entrepreneurs, the more accurate positioning, the smaller the user group, the greater your opportunity.
    "Sometimes you want to prove to 10,000 people. Later, you find that you only have a clear person, that's enough."
    , Positioning small and beautiful, target customers are accurate. That is, the product positioning and the target market match.

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