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  1. I do n’t know how to get it, but I often wool. Let's share the channels of my wool usually.
    1. WeChat group grab single coupons
    WeChat group grabs vouchers are exposed to Weibo at home after the college entrance examination. Come, scan the code into the group with the mentality of trying. After entering the group, the owner said that the group of people in the group would send 0 yuan electric toothbrushes to free single coupons, let us wait patiently. At that time, I was always paying attention to the changes in the number of people in the group. Finally, the WeChat group was full of 200 people. The owner issued an electric toothbrush to avoid single vouchers. It is really when the speed of hand and the network speed cannot be grabbed. There is also a limit on the number of vouchers. I just sit next to the router at home and always pay attention to the group information, so I grabbed the single ticket for the electric toothbrush as soon as possible. To be honest, it is a real fragrance series, saving money from wool and accompanied by happiness (ˊωˋ*) و!

    The period of time in the college entrance examination, I entered a lot of WeChat shopping sharing groups.
    Simming on WeChat's wool map on WeChat.
    Is about WeChat group grab coupons, family members can go to Weibo/Baidu/WeChat public account to search for keywords such as "0 yuan grab order", "薅 wool", etc., and they will come out a lot of content. Some of the article will directly let the WeChat group QR code need to talk privately before pulling you in. Then select a few in the latest date of the post, and squat for free coupons. "I just enter the WeChat exemption coupon through these methods. "



    2. nIt -in WeChat group grab coupons is just the beginning of my wool. It is addicted to being addicted. I started to search, where did the WeChat group exemption coupon come from? What are the software that can receive coupons? Try the water one after the search. During this period, a lot of software was eliminated, and it was not listed one by one. The next thing to talk about the treasure software of the 薅 wool collar exemption coupon.
    This beautiful app

    The application store can download

    Good software!
    The reason: The memory is only 5m, and there are many wool, but it is biased towards daily use.
    Mimless last of me in the beautiful wool discount shopping map!
    ① The subsidy of the golden envelope of the gift is as low as 0 yuan, and the new user can make the first order discount.
    ② There are really many coupons, and it is very cheap! What coupons do I need whatever I need.
    It the shallow picture here, the recommendation of sharing in the beautiful wool of bubbles.

    ① The red envelope spike can be rushed. The golden envelope is very powerful. After all, the amount of spent is really small.

    ② Sign in with prizes. Sign in to receive bubble coins. The bubble coins can be withdrawn, which means that even if you are not buying things above, but you insist on signing in every day, you can also make a few dollars. If you get a coupon above, you will have a bubble reward.
    I often bubble a mask, sanitary paper, bread, black pen and lip glaze red coupon, etc. When you want to buy something, you might as well go to the beautiful wool if you are beautiful. However, wool should not be blindly stunned, and it is meaningful to get what you need.
    3. Pind Duoduo/Taobao Orchard Watering Tree
    To Duoduo Orchards can be watered, you must insist on watering, and you must not interrupt it.
    To Duo orchard
    To Duo orchards exchanged for hawthorn strips
    The principles of watering and Duo Duo orchard watering are the same. It can be free to stab, but you must insist on watering.
    Baba Farm
    4. Alipay merchant points for physical products

    It is more cost -effective to find a tissue and mask with points.
    5. Make full use of the privileges of new users
    The platforms are still very friendly to new users. For example, are hungry and Meituan takeaway? During the time I used it, I received the new person's order discount.
    is not only that, many shopping software is also the first single discount drop of newcomers!
    It a point, Taobao's U first trial, you can use big -name skin care and makeup samples.

    The people think that small samples are suitable for people who do not often make up and do not have less expenditure. Because the big name is more expensive, the significance of small samples allows you to find a suitable product.
    The above is the channel for my often wool. Finally, from ~ I personally, I think that wool is a happy thing!

  2. A few days ago, my friend and I recommended a good use of the explosion.

    The ultra -low -priced things in the mall every day, basically the price of cabbage, which is equivalent to white delivery, which is cheaper than the special version of Xixi Xi and a certain treasure.
    Plip the entrance to the e -commerce mall, let's take a look at it. Friends who want to cricket wool can look at it ~
    The is so cheap that the platform has just been launched shortly, and a large number of new users need to expand their influence to enhance reputation. Essence

    . Although it is a new platform, there is no need to worry about the problems you bought. The pro -test is effective, which is no different from the official flagship store.

    . For example, the laundry liquid that I just just started to start with 129, only 108, which saves more than 20 at once, a meal of dinner is there.
    In addition to daily necessities, clothing, hats, cosmetics snacks, digital supplies are available, all of which are value -for -money.

    It has been saved by hundreds of years before it uses it. This is better than a certain money saving card of a certain treasure. You can also enjoy the happiness of shopping in it ~
    Plip the entrance of the mall first, put down the square card, when the friends do not wait for it ~
    When you watch the videos in it every day, you can get wool, basically there is no difficulty in operation.
    This friends are curious about this, and the merchants must not lose to death. In about a few seconds, it does not affect the user experience, and the advertising fee is still very fragrant at the end.
    The product exposure of the merchant, the number of users on the platform, and the advertising costs received by users for free, all three parties make a profit, why not do it ~
    Music, I feel that this e -commerce mall is not bad, remember to share it with friends around you.

    The friends around me now have begun to hoard their daily necessities, and they can make some pocket money on the platform ~

  3. "Socialist wool, digging the corner of socialism." This is a famous saying on Uncle Zhao Benshan in the past few years, probably refers to the cheapness of the public in that special age. Today, the wool on the Internet refers to the use of various online financial products or red envelopes to promote offline to make money. It means wool!

    The "薅 wool", with a very fashionable name ---- Share economy, the term of the community has appeared, community sharing and community fission.
    The core question of fission is: what benefits you can provide for the other party, you have to consider cost issues, and you have to think about new and retained. The person at the top is the method of fission
    Nowadays, the fission community has become the sales method of e -commerce
    In the era of the rise of the forum, the social method is the era of BBS in the forum that was soaked in the forum every day. Now BBS Classified as a community.
    It read the posts, learn, follow the post, collect information, digest knowledge and content for value output and sharing, from ordinary forum members to the application moderator. At that time, I insisted on giving a lot of time in the forum every day to browse all the posts in the forum and reply. The large forum is a huge amount of information. There are some useless information such as valuable information and more useless information such as junk advertisements. These require a lot of energy to maintain. The same as the current drainage, most of the current online celebrities will open a store when they are popular. Whether it is Taobao or their own entities, through the high popularity, fans to buy their own goods to make money, so as to make money. So what is the core of the core?
    The core is the ability to sell goods. What do you use to make money? It is critical for e -commerce to sell goods to make money. For e -commerce, the conversion of flow segments and reserved fission is very critical. For the product side, the product power determines the conversion rate. Someone once said that there is no dry goods in my things. What is it? How to teach you to make money? No, like -minded people can see what exactly I am talking about
    The is where the ox is! Inch grass is not born, all kinds of superimposed
    last year someone told me that one percent of my Taobao was one percent. After turning off Taobao, I went to WeChat to operate customers.
    On the media, e -commerce, Taoke, community, sharing economy. And wool.
    Remember that JD.com has an internal saying == A event without wool party grass carp, which is the failure of failure

    . My understanding is one -to -one, one -to -many, more to many different differences Social content is similar to research and innovation, community similar to Mahjong, socially private parties, corresponding to Xiaohongshu, gathered, Pin Duoduo,
    social content guide e -commerce, social retail distribution e -commerce, social sharing group electricity Business, social members e-commerce, the earliest is Weibo-WeChat-Pinduoduo-Beautiful said-gathering, shells excellent products, good clothing, love inventory, good things, gathers, shell shops, catcher, catcher , Pinduoduo, praise, push, Xiaomi Youpin, Daily Fresh, Xiaohongshu, SEE small shop and daily Tao, daily fight, throwing treasure, 360 finance
    There are so many platforms, there are tools, platform categories, and the platform is divided into 2B and 2C, and 2S. At present, China has the most popular business model innovation. Only the price war is fighting. The online is not limited by the region. Capital, everyone is compared with the cost of speed and operation. It is important to grab the customer itself
    Why do you mention this social e -commerce today?
    has a saying on the Internet. All industries are suitable for social e -commerce gameplay and play again. The channels are people, the brand is also a person, and the media is also human. Entrepreneurs, you are a senior management of a certain e -commerce, you can think of retaining customers in a better way, then you have succeeded in
    products and services are bought, not sold out

  4. 可以 Wool, I can answer this. I am also the first time I have been in contact with this mysterious group in the last time 618. n

  5. In this case, it is to be able to catch the various merchants, loopholes, and a large number of others as cheap by others. Merchants may not be able to ship. Because millions of losses can bear It may be a few dollars of compensation. Don't think too beautiful. This kind of thing will not be too much. If you do it as a profession, you may violate the law

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