2 thoughts on “Why is there no air -conditioning maintenance and exchange group in Shanwei City”

  1. ——The air conditioner fails? Telling you how to solve these failures with the 7 -year air -conditioning experience, you should allow you to take a lot of detours.

    : You can go to the [Air Conditional Fault Code Network] query when you encounter a failure code in the air conditioner. The universal controller code query can go to the universal controller area inquiries.

    It when there is a failure in the air conditioner, you must strictly follow the scientific procedures. Do not act blindly when the situation is unclear, the failure is unknown, and the countless heart will be disassembled at will. The consequences of this often expand the existing faults, increase operating costs, shorten the normal service life of the equipment, and cause the equipment to scrap it in advance.

    : The most common fault in the air conditioner is not good or not refrigerated. I compiled it into a winding password.
    The air conditioner is not good or not refrigerated
    The most common air conditioning deficiency in this problem is the key
    In the boot of the air -to -air pipe to judge by temperature

    This scales and dust -proof is cleaned or replaced
    If in the inner tube is not cold, there may be flat
    Cold air intake and frost with fluoride and then try
    . If you slowly scatter the fluoride, it is better to decide
    It is also common to judge the fluoride
    The high -pressure scales must be dirty and it will cool down

    If you still do n’t understand, you are recommended to go to [Air Conditional Fault Code Network] basic knowledge zone and more to see more Maintenance cases can get started.

    Is that you will get better and better, new year, good intentions, want to do things, good health, happy family
    ———————————— the last wish to work in work Successfully, repair the air conditioner earlier, and have a happy life —————————
    ————————————————————————— Please click the answer, give a praise, and wish you life more good------

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