1 thought on “How to analyze the competitive intensity of the industry”

  1. From the perspective of market types, the intensity of market competition depends on which types of the market belong to complete competition, monopoly competition, oligopoly monopoly, and complete monopoly. In different types of markets, the market forces have given the enterprise's position (or disadvantage) position in competition, thereby a direct impact on the competitiveness of the company. The development of the market will also have an impact on the competitiveness of enterprises. Compared with the initial market, mature market competition will be more standardized. At the same time, in terms of market breadth, domestic market competition stimulate enterprises to conduct large -scale investment, improve production technology, improve productivity, and enhance corporate competitiveness. With the integration of domestic and international markets, the scale of market demand has continued to expand, and the domestic market competition can also promote the promotion of domestic market competition. Enterprises expand foreign markets while responding to the competitive challenges of local foreign -funded enterprises.

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