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  1. In 2022, the transportation industry is expected to balance the supply and demand in the dry bulk transportation market, and the freight rate is in the recovery cycle. The demand for oil tankers is expected to recover. On March 24th, the Ministry of Transport released the development of the waterway transportation market in 2021 and the market outlook in 2022. Among them, in 2022, in terms of international shipping market, external uncertain factors may lead to increased freight rate fluctuations. In the second half of the year, the development of overseas epidemic and port congestion will be the main factor that determines the market direction.
    The shipping market instructions
    It expected effective capacity of coastal dry scattered goods will be released, and the freight rate may be adjusted. The demand for coastal crude oil transportation and the level of freight rates are stable, and the supply of refined oil transportation is too required, and the level of freight rates may continue to fall. The demand for coastal chemicals and liquefied gas transportation is expected to continue to grow, and the capacity structure is further optimized. The demand for coastal container transportation is expected to grow steadily, and the supply and demand relationship has improved. The transportation of waterway in the Yangtze River and Pearl River is expected to maintain stable growth.

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