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  1. At present, the wall painting industry is not bad. You can be a wall painter. Wall painting has high artistic, personalized, healthy and environmental protection characteristics. It has been sought after by people from all states in my country. Young people who like art, young people who like art. Like painting on the wall before, professionals who must have the foundation of painting can be operated, but now, ordinary people can become wall painters, because there are a tool to printed beautiful wall painting.

  2. In the future, the top ten industries with the most promising future

    In economic expert analysis and prediction, the most promising industries in the Chinese market in the future are 10:

    1. Durable consumer goods sales industry Essence With the steady rise of national income, the future consumption pattern will definitely develop towards diversified. Consumers' consumption of products such as cameras, computers, television, VCDs and other products will increase at a rate of 10 % per year. The sales of these products require a large number of people.

    2. Household automobile industry. The development of the domestic automobile market will develop rapidly. A large number of employment opportunities such as car accessories, maintenance, and automobiles related to the automotive industry will also provide a lot of employment opportunities.

    3. indoor decoration industry. As the state introduced a series of housing reform measures, personal buying a house is already a general trend, so the interior decoration market will become hotter. According to statistics, the current expenses paid by urban residents for the decoration of their houses are about 20,000 yuan per household.

    4. The real estate industry. There will be no units to divide the house for employees for free, so it is not difficult to explain the development prospects of this industry. Real estate brokerage, consulting, and property supply business are also promising.

    5. Post and telecommunications industry. At present, China ’s phone installation is only 4 %, and less than 10 % of the world average. It is foreseeable that this is one of the largest business in China in the future.

    6. Fast food industry. The office workers of modern Chinese cities are a big market for the fast food industry. This is also related to fast food, semi -finished product processing and other industries.

    7. "Silver" industry. It is expected that at the end of the "Ninth Five -Year Plan" plan, the elderly population in our country will reach 130 million, and China will gradually enter the aging society. Therefore, the elderly have broad employment space for food, medicine, clothing, glasses, hearing aids, etc.

    8. With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone has more opportunities to travel and conduct sports and leisure activities. Sports product production, travel agencies and other industries will be prosperous.

    9. women's supplies industry. "Women's money is best to make." "Beauty" is the dream of every woman, so this industry will never decline.

    10. Insurance industry. With the reform of the welfare system, in the future, people will understand that they can only "spend a small money to keep a lot of money." The prosperity of the insurance industry is unquestionable. Many overseas large insurance companies' intervention in the Chinese market will make the insurance industry better develop towards standardized development. It can predict that the insurance industry will become one of the best choices for many young people in the future.

  3. Now the businessman racks his brains and finds ways to make money,
    The is all strange tricks. It is getting more and more difficult to win the strong business competition in business competition. The way to go is definitely difficult to go!
    So must have strong willpower in business! As long as you are determined to make money! The following opinions
    It large markets, the prospects are nothing more than energy, communication, and financial industries. Small markets, which are more promising, are industries that need to be in the public and have a high consumer loyalty,
    , such as diet, retail, and production. Whether it is work or entrepreneurship! You need to choose your own interest, find your own advantages, and find your specialty.
    1: Consider your interests and do what you like the most, only letting work becomes fun. You can develop better in this industry.
    2: Analyze your own experience and be your best. The identity of the inside will make you handy in many things.
    3: Here, emphasize the relationship channels, this accumulation in social life. One more channel is equal to one more opportunity. Often wealth depends on relationships. This is not unreasonable. .
    . My opinion and my approach are: 1. Make money for compound interest. That is the profit, the profit is profitable. It is equivalent to putting the money high and profit.
    2, earning money in duration. One person has three heads and six arms, and he does not earn much. Many people work for you. Many roads make money for you, and many places give you money for you.
    3. Use others to make money for you, liberate yourself, and have time to learn how to make money quickly.
    4. The power of capital will be used.
    5, the power of human connections will be used.
    6. The power of the pole and bar: For example, borrowing the power of others, the power of capital ... partners, joint entrepreneurship together ...
    7, open source throwing!
    8, parasitic method, that is, borrowing large enterprises, can also be a joint stock!
    9. Payment more effort than others!

  4. Dear "None":
    Hello, your question is very practical, I am willing to answer it for you!
    The top ten industries in the future of the Chinese market in the future are:
    Cuditable consumer goods sales industry. With the rise of national income, the future consumption pattern will be diversified. Consumers' consumption of products such as cameras, computers, television, VCDs and other products will increase at a rate of 10 % per year.
    The home automobile industry. It is predicted that the development of the domestic automobile market will develop at a high speed in the next 10 years. Related accessories, maintenance, and car washing industries will also be favorable.
    indoor decoration industry. According to statistics, at this stage, the average households paid by urban residents for their own houses are about 20,000 yuan per household.
    The real estate industry. The rise of personal purchase heat, the prospect of the real estate industry is very optimistic. Relevant real estate brokerage, consultation, and property supply business will also be promising.
    Paping and telecommunications. At present, my country's phone installation rate is 4 %, which is far from the average level of 10 % of the world. It is foreseeable that this is one of the most favorable industries in China in the future.
    The fast food industry. Fast food industry has gradually been favored by office workers in modern Chinese cities. The related industries related to fast food and food semi -finished products have also been vigorously developed.
    "Silver" industry. By the end of the "Ninth Five -Year Plan", my country's elderly population will reach 130 million. Therefore, the development of health foods, medicines, clothing, glasses, hearing aids and other products suitable for the elderly has broad market prospects.
    The tourism and leisure culture. With the improvement of living standards and the implementation of the Golden Week, people have more opportunities to travel and conduct sports and leisure activities. Sports products, stadiums, entertainment venues, travel agencies and other industries will be more prosperous.
    women's supplies. "Beauty is the nature of women." All products that improve and protect women's face and body will definitely be welcomed by them.
    D insurance industry. Many foreign insurance companies have invested in the Chinese insurance market, which can predict that the insurance industry will become one of the best choices for young people's "starting in vain"

    The yields maintain a higher level and are very stable. The research costs of the pharmaceutical industry are high in all industries, so it is necessary to maintain the development of subsequent products based on the high value of the new product; In addition to the decline in the rate, its yields have risen year by year;
    The washing supplies and cosmetics industry
    have always been considered as high -yield industries. In recent years, its yields have been rising;
    High returns are its main features. At present, developing countries are their main consumption places;
    Computer services and software
    The world is entering the era of knowledge economy today, the industry is an outstanding representative of the knowledge economy;
    specialty stores n R n In addition to a few years, the profit margin of special retail stores has risen steadily. This industry represents the development direction of the retail industry in the future;
    . The securities industry
    With the development of the world economy, corporate financing needs The continuous expansion and the intensification of mergers and reorganizations bring more opportunities to the development of the industry;
    cars and spare parts
    The latest technology in this industry and continuously developing Out of new products is one of the main reasons for the continuous improvement of the industry's yield;
    The diversified financial service industry
    90s in the mid -to -late period of the industry at a faster speed exhibition. The industry has developed greatly;
    The aerospace industry
    For the aerospace industry, high -tech cutting -edge technology is the cornerstone of its development. Because there are certain risks, high gains will be a necessary condition for development. In the long run, the needs of various satellites such as satellites and new aircraft will continue to increase, and the industry can maintain its development momentum.

  5. Analyze, what business is the best for you. What you are good at, naturally you are easy to harvest. Entrepreneurship must first position yourself and the market. Choose the road of getting rich according to your characteristics, the reason is the same, diligent and monograph! If it will succeed. That must contain your hard work in the value of the promotion.
    It to grasp your social relationship, of course, use the above relationship. If there is not much relationship, it is generally an industry with high loyalty consumers, and it is difficult to get involved in the impact of the relationship. Including catering, entertainment, production and other industries.
    If you want to be an individual, the campus shop, 2 yuan store, and catering industry are the fast and fast industries in today's small investment. And the size is more flexible. More funds can expand. If the funds are small, the night market and the stalls are almost not investing. Of course, you can also choose to open a store on the Internet.
    The actually
    It to make money to make money first, go with more practice, practice work, or help others to work. If you are confident, you have the motivation to start a business! At that time,
    will go to the bridgehead
    . rn在互联网飞速发展的今天,传统的生意之道也必须随着时代的变化而改变:rn以我个人的经验来看,创业需要弄清下面两个问题:r N1,
    What do you want to do?
    What can you do?
    The best you want to do, so that you will have a steady stream of motivation to promote you. Most people are not successful because they choose the wrong industry but because they give up halfway. If you don't like what you don't like every day, I'm afraid the results will not be too optimistic.
    The what you can do is considering your talent, ability, experience and funds. It is best not to do anything that is not marginal or beyond your personal ability, because we are a small business, and we can't stand much risk. Although you can get up when you fall, more people can't climb again when they fall, but they have to work for others. Do not forget to combine market demand and corresponding consumer groups at any time, otherwise you can only talk about the soldiers on paper.
    In front of our options, the following points are some principles of my selection of the industry:
    must be a favorite product, which can continue to maintain passion; With a broad prospect, the product is the continuous value -added
    The selected industry and products must have a personality, only to do business with some people; n can use their own talents and specialties
    The current transaction
    less to deal with government departments, less contact with meals, song and dance halls
    The time of leisure clothing is more
    Puyang industry, high growth
    , can develop for a long time
    8. Respect, have the sense of industry achievement
    9. There is a certain regional monopoly, I am the main point, to avoid low -level competition
    10. It doesn't matter if you are tired, but the investment cannot be too large. Rolling development
    The conditions listed above are too perfect, but we need to know that the boss is the highest risk in the world. If you want to choose this profession, you want to choose this profession. Be sure to start with yourself and think about it carefully. This is a high chance of winning, and the chance of survival is relatively high. It is possible to win when you survive, and you may work hard and move towards the goals of the big boss and business step by step.
    Brothers, everyone, everyone is thinking, everyone wants to know. But do you know. A person who can make money, smart people, people who have eaten hard will not ask this question anymore. You may be confused. I don't know how to make money. Actually. Traveling out of the champion. There are so many people in the world, this is so big in China. In fact, everything is missing. The wealth is not in a hurry, and the truth of success is in front of the truth, that is: eat hard and suffer, and be a man!
    China is a big agricultural country. Many foods need to be processed. If you have money, it is recommended to have innovation. To be healthy. Emphasize again not illegal. `` ``
    These are my personal ideas. The most fragrant industry is the industry.

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