1 thought on “How about the "smart micro -loan system" in Xingtai Bank of Hebei?”

  1. Recently, one of the important application scenarios of Xingtai Bank's big data platform- "Smart Micro Loan System" is officially launched. The system is supported by the most advanced big data technology. Standardization and standardization, more efficient, extensive and conveniently to help small and micro enterprises financing.
    It big data platforms, based on distributed, elastic scalability, high availability, and adapting to rapid changes in big data systems as the architecture. It can take into account the batch processing of big data and the hybrid application scenarios that coexist coexistence in small data. The low -cost storage of massive data such as semi -structured and non -structured data, quickly batch processing data, and at the same time realize real -time monitoring and management of relevant data access, transmission, exchange, sharing and service. And data analysis applications provide efficient and strong support.
    Big data platform is a basic technology support platform for data integration, processing, processing, analysis, and application of Xingtai Bank. Smart micro -loan system is an important component of multiple application scenarios in big data platforms. Meet the bank's business system to process and analyze the processing and analysis needs of the business system within 3 years.
    In it is understood that since 2010, Xingtai established a small enterprise credit center to serve individual industrial and commercial households and small and micro enterprises. It has accumulated more than 40,000 small and micro enterprises and more than 12 billion yuan. In recent years, with the emergence of new economic normal and the "double innovation" strategy, the number of small and micro enterprises has grown rapidly, and its role and status in my country's economic development have become more prominent.

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