4 thoughts on “Is there a talent recruitment market in Jinyang in Guiyang?”

  1. There is no Jinyang!
    1, Guiyang Talent Market (Zilinyu), basically there are job fairs every Saturday and Sunday;
    2, the provincial talent market (opposite Yuxiu Road, Yunyan Square) There are fewer recruitment!
    3, if you often go online, you can pay attention: Guizhou Civil Service Network, Guizhou Personnel Talent Network, Guiyang Talent Network ... and other recruitment websites

  2. Not yet, the talent recruitment market in Guiyang is mainly at Guiyang Talent Market (No. 88 Yan'an Middle Road) and Guizhou Provincial Talent Market (Yuxiu Road). Big wait for these places to hold job fairs. The talent market in Nanming District and Yunyan District does not rely on Pu, few people, and they are not useful for finding a job. There are some recruitment information of the Human State Resources Market in the Guiyang Social Security Center. You can take a look. In Dusi Lu.

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