I do the construction of the floor paint. How do I find a customer or sell it to others? thanks……

5 thoughts on “I do the construction of the floor paint. How do I find a customer or sell it to others? thanks……”

  1. How to find a common topic with customers

    Is when selling goods to customers, the salesperson is best to find a common topic with the customer, and talk about things that both parties can be interested in so that Customers talk, so that customers naturally accept the advice of the salesperson.
    The following describes the two methods of finding a common topic with customers for reference.
    The salesperson selling women and infant supplies to a community to sell products. When she first entered the community, she found that a pregnant woman and an old woman were sitting on the bench in the community, so she asked inadvertently to the community security security: "The two seem to be a pair of mothers and daughters? It's really like it. "The security guard told her:" It is indeed a pair of mothers and daughters, and her daughter is about to have a baby immediately. The mother takes care of her from her hometown. "After
    Remind pregnant women: "Don't sit on the chair for too long, it's a bit cold outside. You may not have any obvious feeling now, but you will feel uncomfortable when you give birth to your baby." Then she turned to the old woman Said: "The young people are not very particular about these, but with your reminders and care, it is much better."
    is like this, from pregnancy to production, from postpartum maternal body recovery Care and nutrition, etc., are very happy to chat. Next, the pair of mother and daughter had begun to look at the product information and samples in the hands of the salesperson ...
    For the actual needs of customers, the salesperson needs to carefully analyze before communicating with the customer so that they can accurately accurately they can accurately accurately Grasp the strongest needs of customers, and then look for a common topic with customers.
    The salesperson in the case is to notice the needs of women and infant supplies for pregnant women, and then find a topic that both mother and daughter pay attention to, cleverly establish friendly relations with them, and then extend to sell them to them to sell to them Products, this makes the sales smooth and natural, and it is easier to succeed.
    The topic of discussing some common concern with customers is one of the best ways to shorten each other's psychological distance. Excellent salesperson must know all the things that the public preferences, and can start with common topics to confirm the connection between their products and the interests of the other party. When more professional knowledge is needed, salesperson can also add quickly, so that they can win customer recognition, impress customers, and persuade customers to make up their minds for transactions.

  2. To put it simply, it is advertising to let others know you, such as sending leaflets, such as radio advertising, such as adding some audience's WeChat group or QQ group to promote yourself, of course Unremitting hard work

  3. I also do flooring. My customers basically come from the Internet. I promoted marketing through the Internet to pick up orders.

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