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  1. The community is the fastest and economic channel for enterprises and users to connect. It is also an effective way to spread word -of -mouth communication, collect user needs, and improve user loyalty. Even through community sales products, users can participate in research and development. However, while the brand community is established, many people will encounter many problems. In this article, we will interpret the brand community operating password from the three dimensions of positioning, demand, and user portraits. Problem 1: Analysis of the needs of the community is a collection of people's basic composition elements. In the industrial era, the brand's propaganda caliber is always users; in the marketing era, what companies need to do is how to turn users into products. However, in the era of mobile Internet, brands must not only turn users into fans, but also gather fans to form a brand community. So the premise of this change is to correctly analyze user needs. How to correctly divide the user needs? The best rule is to understand what the community is for? This is the needs we want to say. The existence of the community can have theoretical and practical foundation. After all, the community will serve a purpose. This purpose may be that the company's business needs, the demand for the establishment of personal brands, online products or service needs, communication needs of offline activities, and so on. The needs of enterprises are roughly the following points: 1. Enhance the overall influence of the brand; 2. Establish the user's identity of the brand to create a brand "spokesperson"; 3. Transform the user's attention into actual purchase, thereby selling products, and finally the product, and finally the product, and finally the product, and finally the product, and finally the product. In the end, The purpose of serving customers and excavating potential customers; 4. Create high -quality content through social media and circle of friends; 5. Taking the brand community as a sample to discover the potential competitiveness of the product and obtain user feedback.

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