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  1. Is dog and cat belonging to poultry
    Dogs and cats are poultry? Dogs are one of the pets that many people in our lives, and the daily maintenance of dogs is also very important, especially the health problems of dogs Do we need to pay attention to it?
    Dogs and cats belong to poultry? 1. belong to livestock. Although poultry and livestock sound like the same concepts, many poultry is originally wild birds and is a bird that human beings domesticated for economic or other purposes. Animal livestock generally refers to animals raised by humans and can artificially control their reproduction.
    2. Animals generally refer to animals raised by humans and can artificially control their reproduction, such as pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, camels, rabbits, cats, dogs, etc. Fur, pet, experiment and other functions.
    3. So home cats and dogs belong to livestock.
    How to get along with dogs and cats? The five major techniques of dogs and cats are friendly.
    Emotional expression of the opposite meaning
    The expression between cats and dogs is reverse in terms of meaning.
    1. If Meow meow sounds "snoring", it is saying, "You are very good!". But if Wang Xingren made a similar roar, he said: "You go away, otherwise I will make a big move."
    2. If the dog shakes his tail with a look of Meow Meow: "Let's play with joy together!". But cats will understand this action as "don't approach me, otherwise I will launch an attack."
    3. Wang Xingren stretched out his claws to the Meow Star to express your friendship, but the meaning of the meow star is very different: Are you provocative to me
    4. The characteristics of the dog are thick and thick , Loyalty, sticky people, obey the host order; and cats are arrogant, clear, and slippery.
    Thisyless guessing the most ideal
    The thinking in childhood is still very simple. At this time, the intimate feelings established will continue with age, and the adaptability of each other is very good. Or a docile adult dog and a little milk cat are also very good to get along with each other. Dogs will naturally take care of kittens meow, and over time, they will slowly rely more on each other.
    It to love each other after adulthood, it will be relatively difficult. Most of the scenes of the first meeting are: Dogs are curious to the cats, but they can wait for Wang Xingren to "have no shadow claws". This beam is formed. Not only do they have language and thinking obstacles, it is difficult for the cats to accept other species after adulthood.

    but it is not impossible to make them live peacefully. As long as the owner's breeding method is switched to the correct mode, the result can still be optimistic.
    The first see the right distance
    This is the first step to make Xiao Wang and Xiaomei live peacefully. It is said that the distance is beautiful, and it is the right decision to keep them at first seeing the right distance. It is recommended that Wang tie Wang first, keep a certain distance from Meow, wait for each other to familiarize the smell (mixed), and then let them start living together.
    "Rain dew is stained"
    The is also jealous between animals, and the owner's favor, sitting, and food. It is recommended that the owner try to achieve "rain dew" as much as possible, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.
    The owner should often provide the opportunity to get close contact with the two, such as playing together and grinding each other. At first, the cats would be very upset, but they slowly adapt to and used to it. The owner would show more love to cats. Wang Xingren regarded the owner as God, because the owner gave it food, house and care; the cats were just the opposite. The owner gave me food to eat, and the house lived because I was the God in his mind.
    Different dining positions
    . Before cats and dogs are familiar with each other, in order to prevent the "care" psychology, the farther the tableware of the two is placed. Cats like to climb high and can eat at high places; dogs are good at feeding in low places. Putting the tableware together, they will treat both foods as their own, and treat the other party as an intruder, which is more troublesome. Therefore, it is better to have their own independent meals. As for when you can have dinner together, this depends on luck.
    In separate eating more delicious
    Xiaowow and Xiao Wang's meals and meals are different. Eating separately is a good choice. Cats have strong independence and are very restrained. As long as they prepare food and water for a whole day, the owner can go out and play with confidence; but the dog has a mysterious enthusiasm for food, you can only be regularly fixed. Hey, do not prepare a day's food at one time, otherwise it is likely to be resolved in 10 minutes.
    If according to the above methods to raise them, coupled with some positive guidance of the owner, cats and dogs are very likely to be realized.
    Dogs and cats are poultry 2 dogs and cats. Which is easier
    This and dogs. There will be a difference between dogs and cats, but as far as dogs and cats are concerned, they still have their own characteristics. "Which is easier to raise a dog and cat?" My answer is: It is easier to raise a cat.
    I is the difference between dogs and cats compared with the following aspects: the degree of stickiness, space requirements, hygiene care, time and energy.
    1. Plumbs: To talk about which two animals will entangle you, it is particularly dependent on you, the answer is definitely a dog. Isn't there such a saying: You are good to dogs, they think you are God; you are good to cats, and they feel that they are God. It feels almost the same. The dog's dependence on people is more dependent. Cats always live in their own world. Generally, it will not make a toy to let you play with it. How happy it is.
    So raising cats should be relatively worrying a lot. You will not miss it because of long -term departure, and you don’t have to worry about it when you leave. Others, it can quickly be familiar with the environment, and will not forget to you. Therefore, from the perspective of the upper heart and the gods, the cat must be more relaxed.
    . Space requirements: Dogs are large, and they are very lively and active when they are young. I like to run around at home. Especially if you want to raise a big dog, the narrow space limits the dog's movement, which is very unfavorable to the health of the dog.

    If the room is small and big dogs, the health problem will become very obvious, and the human living environment will also be affected. Cats are much better. First of all, even if the body size of the cat is not big, they can find more fun in the messy and narrow spaces. So you don't have to worry about the cat's health and emotions.
    3. Hygiene care: In terms of hygiene, dogs and cats have their own problems. Young dogs are not easy to tune in the toilet, and they will randomly pull in the room, which will naturally affect the cleaning of the room. After adulthood, if you walk every day. You need to go out outdoors, and you will be dirty than the cats who do n’t go out all day long. Cats will recognize the sand pot. Basically, there is no need to worry about the problem of random Lazara, especially the cats who have sterilized cats do not have to worry about the problem of random urine during the hair
    . The cat does not go out and will not bring back dirty. The cat's nature also loves cleanliness than dogs. It is not like the dog always makes themselves dirty. The cat does not need to take a bath. It's just that the cat sand pot is placed in the house, and the cat will bring the cat litter to the room. However, in general, cats are cleaner than raising dogs.
    4. Time and energy: This one is also my personal experience. Anyway, for my house, the time and energy of a dog spend are about two or more cats. First, I said that if you go out twice a day, you will spend time and energy to find a way to make your dog happy. Although this is also a happy thing for you, when you have a limited time, you are very limited. It may be a burden. You are tired and you have to go out to walk the dog. You already want to sleep. It is possible to play with you.
    For cats, it seems that they are not very rare to play with them. At least if you don't want to play with it, they will not entangle you. If they like you Go, or take care of your own sleep, you don't need to spend a lot of time and energy to take care of them. As long as you fill them in the rice bowl and water basin, clean up the sandpiery in time.
    The on the case, it is easier to raise dogs and cats, and the question that takes less time and energy, the answer is definitely: cat raising.
    Which dog and cat belong to poultry? Which of the cats and dogs is smarter?
    Which cat or dog is smarter? The cat's eyes are very playful. They like to observe the shoveling officer, peep and monitor, and always in a pair of charming big eyes that people can't see clearly and the dog's eyes are always simple and kind. Sometimes they will Looking at people quietly, he always felt that he had no heart, and he could be seen instantly.
    Which cat or dog is smarter? Cats always like to bully dogs. Although they are relatively small, they are very large. The cat is the master, and the dog is the little slave. Essence

    Which cat or dog is smarter? The tiger is not prestigious. You treat me as a sick cat. The dog always tolerates the cat. Is he not beating that he is bullied and will resist? However, our general picture is like this: the cat sleeps in the nest and sleeps in a pitiful dog, and we can only lie on the floor. Didn't you say that the dog was a natural enemy of a cat? Now this world is really reversed.
    Which cat or dog is smarter? Cats can bully the dog, maybe because the dog is too loyal and honest, let her always let her, just like the boyfriend's wayward and coquettishness, to bully and torture herself, they will still tolerate her, love her, Protect her. What a beautiful feeling is enough to warm this winter.

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