How much is the variety of noble cats?

I like cats very much. Let me introduce me to the variety of noble cats and names. About dozens

2 thoughts on “How much is the variety of noble cats?”

  1. The problem is too big, and there is no additional points. Who makes me like cats, tell you some types of purebred cats. But dare not say that it is all. Because there must be a type of human being unknown! Haha!
    The Chinese raccoon cat, Persian, Stomalaya, Jinjira, British short hairs, American short hair (Weiya model cat), exotic short hair ( Garfield), Oriental Short Hair, North American Short Hair, Siamese Cat, Canadian Mirlon, Su Gulan Folding Ear, Highland Folding Ears, Bangladesh Leopard Cats, Russian Blue Cats, Egyptian Cats, Maine Cats, Barman Cats, Barman Cat Norwegian forest cats, Saudi cats, Clarte cats, Havana cats, puppet cats, Fanxian ears, Angola cats, Singapore cats. Let's go first!

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