What are the techniques of photography

For example: How can I shoot better results, no need to deal with later processing

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  1. Silming, as a method of shooting, can have a lot of uses. It is required to use it flexibly in the creative method, and there must be novelty in creative ideas. So how to get a good silhouette photo?
    1. Fully show the body characteristics of the theme of the silhouette, and combine the body and the background vividly. It can be said that the body is language and the background is the tone. This language is sometimes silent. This is the wonderful place of silhouette photos. Because in the photo photo, the main body basically does not have color and detail display, so the physical characteristics of the theme are very high. This requires the author to carefully choose the shooting angle and subject form based on the effect of later performance, and fully display the appearance characteristics of the theme. Strive for beauty and vividness.
    2, the obtaining of silhouette photos makes full use of the difference between themes and backgrounds. Generally speaking, we can use the backlight of the sunrise and sunset, because the light at this time is the softest, and it looks not dazzling. It is a good time for shooting. Generally, only about ten minutes. Different from light or natural reflection of the sky and water surface.
    3. The exposure should follow the principle of not being owed to Ning. The light metering according to the bright part of the background can make the subject exposure seriously insufficient and form a strong silhouette.
    4. When the subject in the screen is too small in the screen, or the blank space of the picture is relatively monotonous, you can creatively use the silhouette as the foreground. The main body, at the same time, the black silhouette does not disperse the audience's attention. We can even use the frame with silhouettes as the main body to form various shapes of squares, rounds or mutations, so that ordinary scenery has a unique sense of picture form and increase the depth of the picture.
    It portrait photography skills -metering and exposure
    The metering
    usually portrait shooting, metering is measured on the face, even more stricter, to the eyes. Use the central key or point of light to measure the metering point in the view window to the face position. After the light is measured, move it to the correct composition and press the shutter. Since we usually use negative films, it is best to over -expose a little about 0.3 to 1 square meter, and it will have a better effect when washing. "Negative film Over, positive UNDER" is a tactic that many photographers often hang on their mouths.
    The aperture
    The portrait, the author uses a large aperture to obtain shallow depth of field. It will be more prominent when the subject ratio is not very large. Another advantage of using a large aperture is that when the weather is darker, the shutter speed is not slower than the safety limit.
    The shutter speed
    What is the safety limit of the shutter speed? It is a "critical value", which is faster than this limit. , But the shutter safety limit varies from person to person. First of all, to see if the subject moves and moves, the subject during the movement usually freeze the picture. 1/250 may be more insurance. Even 1/4 seconds can be frozen. Then, we consider the stability of the photographer's own hand. Each person's hand stability is different. It is about 1/60 seconds and the picture is not blurred. Everyone can achieve it. For example, the stability of the author's hand is not very good. It will not work under about 1/30. You have to use the tripod. Pay -peers may wish to try how much the safety limit for your hand is? In summary It should be no problem to hold in 1/60 seconds. If you shoot the Model in the mobile, use 1/250 seconds
    Pets to take pictures of pets
    Live in their personality. When you find that these cute little animals are doing some unusual or very interesting movements, they can be captured at any time. For example, the kitten or puppy lying on their favorite cushions when they doze off, they are more impressive than their forced posture. Don't forget to use a close -up lens when taking close -up photos, because if your lens itself is too close to pets, they will definitely not put POSE waiting for you to take pictures like a model or big star.
    Pets to shoot dark hair
    The pets to shoot dark hair are more difficult, so you must pay attention to making the shooting background brighter when taking pictures for them. In addition, shooting pets should pay attention to the position of the shadow like shooting other objects. Be careful not to let your pet appear "red eyes" when using flash. You can not use the flash in a brighter place. If you need to use a flash, do not let your pets look directly at the camera, so as to avoid the phenomenon of "red eyes".
    When shooting "collective photos" for several puppies or kittens, it is best to put them in a basket and let them hold each other, so that they can easily adjust the shooting distance. If you want pet eyes to aimed at the camera, you can call their names gently or use a toy to attract their attention. In order to take the ideal photo, you must not only prepare sufficient film, but also have enough patience, because all the professional animals you appreciated are taken by photographers to take a lot of energy and time before shooting.
    Stock when taking children with pets with pets, pay attention to letting people be at the same horizontal plane as animals. If your pet is larger, you can let it lie next to your child to obtain the ideal composition. Take a photo for your cat baby
    At present, the number of pets raised in the family are increasing. There are cats, dogs, goldfish, birds, white rabbits, etc. As a family member, the shadow is inseparable, adding a lot of life interests, good shooting, good shooting, good shooting, good shooting. Their photos are also fun.
    oting family pets
    oting family pets, first of all, we must understand their life nature, seize their special expression characteristics for shooting, and use suitable props to arrange a relatively elegant and clean environment, be patient, patient Waiting, attracting its expression, and letting it let it take a vivid and interesting picture.
    The shooting tool is also very important. Shooting at close range can be used with standard lenses. However, some animals can only be taken in long distances. It is necessary to be equipped with mid -focal length, long focal length lens, or even ultra -long focal length lens, or using a zoom lens. It is more convenient to push and pull according to the movement of the action. When using a zoom lens, it is generally fixed on the triangle because of the large weight to prevent shake during shooting. The shutter speed is also higher.
    The small animals to take home should be combined with the environment to show their tame, unrestrained, unrestrained, and like a family member. Observe carefully and wait for the timing. Shooting.
    If shooting puppies and kittens, they must catch them lively and cute, tame meek, and have ridiculous features to shoot. Also pay attention to their fur color, choose suitable backgrounds to set off, and do not be covered by cluttered backgrounds. If you shoot all black or dark animals, you should choose bright backgrounds. Taking full white and light -colored animals, you should choose deep and deeper. The dark background can highlight the hair color of the main animals. In addition, it can be matched with appropriate props, such as playing and climbing, showing their naughty expression. It can also be taken in combination with some performance items and children or adults who play together to show a harmonious environment with family members.
    shooting fish
    The shoots of fish breeding fish, it is best to use a rectangular glass fish tank. You can insert another glass in the fish tank when shooting. The scene of goldfish swimming. If the surface of the glass negative cylinder produces a reflective or shadow of the camera, it can be avoided on both sides of the fish tank. If you use a pultic method, you can use a large shallow plate or white washbasin to place the fish in shallow water, and the downhand from the top can also get a good effect.
    The shooting fish can use lighting sources, goldfish, and tropical fish on the top or sides of the upper or sides. Under the light of light, it will appear more beautiful.
    The pictures that the shooting caused by the easy reflection of the fish tank and the water surface is not clear, so the polarized lens should be used in front of the camera lens when shooting, and the lens and adjustment of the shooting angle (the best angle of 45 degrees) makes the picture the most. Clear. However, polarizers have a certain light reduction effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the clear shooting, the camera should be placed on a tripod during shooting.
    shooting birds
    This shooting is more difficult than animal shooting, because birds are afraid of people, and people will fly as soon as they are approaching. It is difficult to shoot within close range. You can use a zoom lens when you have conditions. People are farther away from people, or they only reveal the camera lens, put the camera on the triangle stand patiently, or remove some birds that birds love to eat within a certain range. , Shooting birds landing, flying, and the lens of singing on the branches.
    The shooting techniques for outline photography
    Clasting photos are the most fresh and natural photos in all photography works, and they are widely loved by people. Coupled with every practicing environment that can be taken everywhere, whether it is amateur or professional photographers, they regard the shooting techniques of outdoor photography as a compulsory course.
    In various shooting techniques, why is the most easy to learn from the shooting techniques of outdoor photography, but it is also the most difficult? This is because each beginner photographer is naturally in the natural environment of the outdoor. Landscape state to learn basic photography and basically exposure. The works of outdoor photography can be taken according to the natural conditions of the environment. You don't need to bother to design the conditions required by taking pictures such as the light environment or background, scene, etc. Therefore, it is natural to learn it.
    But outdoor photography is not easy to get excellent works that are distinctive or standing out. The photos taken under the normal conditions of outdoor are all tones, and it is difficult to change the environment of nature and obtain better photos. Although outdoor light sources are available everywhere, taking pictures is simple; but if you want to get a completely satisfactory lighting mode, it is much more difficult to adjust the photography method of the light source at will. The natural light sources of the sun cannot be in our instructions. We can only use the knowledge we have learned as much as possible to use and master the lighting technology to produce better camera effects. Therefore, it is not easy to make a masterpiece beyond ordinary people in the case where the outdoor natural light sources cannot be controlled at will. This is the reason for outdoor photography to learn and difficult to learn.
    It the same reason for the use of scenes and other camera techniques. If you take pictures simple according to the original state, of course, it is simple and easy. However, if you want to have an extraordinary place, it is quite difficult to take outstanding photography. Because the scene and lighting situation of nature are not manpower can be changed and replaced at will. Therefore, how the photographer is outdoors, how to control the light sources, and how to modify the scenery, in order to meet his ideal realm, which is more costly than taking pictures in the indoor studio.
    The shooting techniques for outline photography is easy to learn and difficult, but as long as you can grasp the learning essentials step by step, after learning the previous basic photography, then further from the composition, laid the foundation from the light, and then from the timing of taking pictures Grasp the courses and gradually deepen, it is not difficult to learn this wedding and art photo photography techniques.
    It, after we have already understood the two major features that are the easiest and most difficult to shoot and the most difficult to shoot, we can use the two major characteristics to play and self -enrich. The specific learning suggestions are as follows as follows :
    1. Using the most easy characteristics of outdoor photography to practice more practice, we already know that outdoor photography can be taken everywhere, and can take good photos, so under the natural guarantee of security, as long as you know the basic exposure of photography theory, almost almost almost the theory Both can be a good outside "photographer". And if it is a general photo of nature or formula composition, everyone can safely and bold shooting.
    2. Multi -challenging photos are also difficult to take photos, such as the most difficult and high -level scenery photo of the scenery in the field photography. Although this type of photo needs to be in the aspects of lens selection, lighting technology, composition vision, and color planning, through repeated practice, you can take the high artistic value of life or landscape photos. work.
    Once the photographer can break through the bottleneck of this photography technology, the photography works will reach a higher level in terms of artistic value, which will bring the joy and pride that the photographer can't buy any money. Therefore, after the photographer accumulates a considerable time shooting experience, it should be more difficult to shoot the type of challenge to reach a higher level of photography.
    The shooting techniques of formula composition type photos
    Photo characteristics and style analysis
    It simply, photos taken by portrait formula composition method can be called formula composition type photos. In other words, on the photo screen, the portrait is the main picture, and during the composition, the photos taken by the theme of the portrait of the portrait, the half body, the seven, or the whole body can be called the format composition type. This is the type of photos that are more important in the wedding and art photos but are popular in the market.
    During taking pictures, the background and scene processing other than the theme can be directly used to use the short -view deep blur. In portrait photography, such photos are the easiest formulas to learn formula photography. As long as the long focal length lens (about 250mm lens of the 120 camera, or about 135mm lens of the 135 camera), you can easily take this type of photo. Put the formula composition method directly when taking pictures, so you don't need to pay too much attention to other photography techniques such as lighting. The only thing to pay attention to is: often changes the shape of the characters to avoid the composition of mediocre and no change.
    Because this shooting method only uses the short -view deep function of the telephoto lens and the effect of the formula composition method, the value of photography technology is more common, and it has always been highly evaluated by photography art. But for consumers who generally only pay attention to close -up portraits, this is the most ideal and most popular type of photo, so professional portrait photographers can not disdain this. Adapt to the needs of the photography market.
    The photography market response and discussion
    This is the type of photo that is very popular in the photography market. It is a business representative photo in wedding and art photo photography. After all, everyone who goes to the photography company likes to see a close -up photo of a star -shaped star, not a life photo taken at home. Therefore, in each set of photography albums, most consumers will choose this type of photo, and the market acceptance is the crown of all photos.
    The key technique description
    1. The long focal length lens is the main shooting lens (about 250mm lens of the 120 camera, or about 135mm lens of the 135 camera).
    2. According to the principle of the composition method of the portrait formula, the composition of the special writing, the half body, the seven, or the whole body is directly frame. It is about 5-8 steps from the photographer to take it easily.
    3. During the exposure, it is necessary to open 1 to 2 aperture compensation according to the characteristics of portrait photography to make the face texture more beautiful. The light of the character's face is soft and beautiful, and it is the focus of shooting such photos.
    4. In order to make bright eyes, it is best to place a reflector or white plate in front of the portrait to make the eyes reflect the snow light spots.
    5. When printing, it is best to process the processed processing techniques and printed soft focus treatment. After the comprehensive softening skin, you can achieve the soft and beautiful effect of the entire photo.
    6. The shape or props of the theme characters should be changed. Otherwise, if the number of photos is more than a long time, the visual focus will be unchanged, and the disadvantages of composition, depth of field and shooting technology will be exposed. Beijing happy lovers wedding photography
    photos characteristics and style analysis of photos
    It simply, photos taken by scenery art composition method can be called photos of the type of scenery. Most of the screens show two contents of portrait and scenery. In other words, the picture is not as dominated by portrait when taking pictures, but more focused on the dual expression of portraits and scenery, and interpret photos from the perspective of artistic creation. It does not have certain composition, lighting and other formula techniques. It depends on the photographer's own accomplishment of art photography and gives the photo vitality. Therefore, mastering the double artistic performance of portraits and scenery is the biggest feature and value of this type of photo. Because this type of photo needs to have a large practical scene, it is the only type of photo in the shed photography that is difficult to express, and it is easy to complete when it is photographed.
    Thefens such photos. If you can't make breakthroughs in composition, lighting, and other photography techniques, you will take general travel photos or life photos. The success or failure of art is often only between the front lines, and those with certain photography ability can realize this key. However, if the composition ability is very prominent, and if the lighting and other photography techniques are properly handled, it can reach a high level of photography. Therefore, the photographer's shooting skills play a decisive role in shooting.
    The photography market response and discussion
    The people with certain art appreciation ability like this kind of photo, but general consumers are not easy to appreciate such photos. Because most of these people's portraits do not account for more than half of the picture, there is no close -up feeling of general popular star photos, most consumers are unwilling to spend money on photos without their big avatars. Unless you encounter those who understand the photography taste, try to take this type of art photos as little as possible, so as not to be seriously frustrated because it is not appreciated by general consumers, which will affect the correct goal of pursuing artistic performance.
    The key technique description
    1. Design the styling style of the theme portrait, choose the scene suitable for the overall performance, and do a good job of the preliminary theme and scene design operation.
    2. You should usually cultivate the ability of aesthetic composition, and draw up the overall composition plan between the theme portrait and the scene when shooting. Do not fall into the vulgar set of the portrait formula composition, and take photos of close -up types.
    3. Analyze and use on -site lighting, and use the method of addition and subtraction to integrate the theme of the portrait of the portrait. In the scene environment, the prominent performance of the lighting is controlled without falling into the flat optical problem of general commemorative photos.
    4. Control the length of the depth of field, the moving and high -level depth of field performance, and the messy mode of the general life photos cannot be fallen.
    5. Choose the most appropriate time to take pictures and press the shutter, master the vividness and artistic sense of the portrait of portraits, and shoot the perfect portrait art works.
    Themaking techniques of black and white colored type photos
    Photo characteristics and style analysis
    photos of black and white colored colors are taken with black and white negatives. Generally, in addition to pure black and white photos, it can also work with color printed printed colors to print a colorful photo with a single color on the color phase paper. This process can be processed by general color printing. And these single -color photos can also be changed to any other single -color photos through the same color printing, such as single red, single orange, single yellow, or single blue. This type of photo is commonly known as black and white colored color photos. The monochrome of such photos can give people a more unique feeling, which is an indispensable type of photo in wedding and artistic photography.
    The photography market response and discussion
    The people who understand the photography know that black and white photos have their own vision, and they can be changed to any other monochrome. Therefore, this type of photo is also popular in the market. From the perspective of wedding photography, if the number of shooting is too large, it will lack the sense of joy, so there should be an appropriate proportion of tensor to choose for customers. It is not too much, nor is it completely.
    The key technique description
    1. The most important thing to take such photos is the selection of the negatives. As long as it is used in black and white negatives, you can print the tone of such photos.
    2. In the process of shooting, pay attention to the color of the background and props. It is better to use the gray system, because the background, props, or clothing of over -black and overwhelming will cause a full black or full white response when the photos are printed. This is the shooting. This is the shooting. Black and white photos should have common sense. Only in the appropriate gray system, a single color tone printed by color printing will have rich layered performance.
    3. When taking black and white photos, the exposure is correctly controlled, and you can get a beautiful order. Do not be like a color negative film shooting method commonly used in portraits, and often uses more than two -gear exposure compensation. Only the correct exposure can avoid saturation tone loss.
    4. At present, another kind of negatives produced by iLFORD manufacturers can be printed directly in color. There is no need to pass the handmade development process of black and white potion. The shooting effect is the same, which is a more convenient negative.
    5. After shooting and flushing a film, you can wash out pure black and white photos printed by black and white. Or washed a single color photo by the color printed colored program printed by color.
    The performance. Its biggest feature is that the picture will produce extremely bright hue, and the black and white contrast is extremely large. The photo is to take a photo with a positive film, and when the film is displayed, there is no formal E-6-shaped pharmaceutical potion to flush the tablet. The negative film is a negative film. Using this color film, it does not get normal colors, and it becomes extremely gorgeous. It is the most difficult type of shooting in all professional wedding photography and art photo shooting techniques.
    The photography market response and discussion
    The exposure control of such photos in the exposure control of shooting, but if the shooting is successful, the screen will look unique and eye -catching. Therefore, whether it is consumer's response or the evaluation of general professional photographers is quite high. However, there are not many photographers who can take this type of photo. After all, it is not like a 160 -degree champion used by ordinary professional portrait photography. It has a great exposure wide capacity. The contrast is also very low. It is easy to shoot soft portraits. In addition, in order to avoid exposure and complication of light ratio, the composition also stays on the composition of a close -up photo of the portrait format composition type that is more likely to take. Therefore, most of this type of photos possessed by consumers currently use close -up composition classes, and it is difficult to have high -level works beyond this composition.
    In fact, when such photos are taken, if you can use the portrait art type composition to shoot, master the technologies such as scenes, lighting, and color planning. Beyond the level of photo -type composition of portrait formula, to reach the peak state of portrait photography art.
    This focus, technique description
    1. There are two key techniques at the time of shooting, one is the appropriate choice of negatives (in fact it is a positive film).
    In the lighting environment with abundant light sources, or hoping to achieve the effect of strong contrast and perfect portrait texture
    , can be used to shoot in a medium and low -sensitivity. For example, use 64 degrees and 100 degrees 100 degrees The main piece,
    to get the color that is quite saturated and gorgeous. It's just that this sensitive positive film exposure is extremely tolerant
    narrow, and the light ratio control is slightly careless, and it will fail to expose, showing insufficient dark brown or excessive exposure
    dead white.
    It to avoid exposure failure, or if you want to get a soft and soft photo tone, you can use 200
    degrees or 400 degrees to shoot. Because of
    The exposure tolerance is wide, which is a negative type that is better to shoot and the contrast is softer. In addition, it should be noted that
    Pets of some labels are treated by the abnormal processing of this type of punch, which will be biased towards extremely yellow tones, or bias to the ocean
    red, fresh green and other tones. Of course, this is also related to taking pictures. The color temperature is related to the time. All in all, photographers should be adjusted according to their own preferences to obtain the ideal tone.
    2. The second is the control of the light ratio. When taking this type of photo, the light ratio of the entire picture needs to be perfected, that is, the contrast between the bright and the dark part should not exceed three gears, otherwise it will form a highly black or extremely white contrast phenomenon to make the picture make the picture. Lost in the middle of color tone. Especially when shooting white dresses in wedding photography, if the light control is improper, there will be only dead white without the level of intermediate tone. The overall negative exposure is best to open a more gear to get the most saturated color when printing photos. The most taboo is the insufficient exposure, which will make the photo formed unsightly dark brown hue.
    3. When processing is processed, try to use the printed soft coke as little as possible, otherwise it is easy to form a black hair on the face of the portrait of the portrait to penetrate into the white part, and it becomes a very weird phenomenon. This is the inherent phenomenon of printed soft focus during post -processing processing, but in the photos of the positive negative type, this phenomenon is more prominent.
    The shooting techniques of coarse granular texture type photos
    photos characteristics and style analysis
    photos of coarse granular texture type, that is, the image particles on the photo screen give people a rough feeling, similar to printing when printing magnification The special effects produced by the network processing are different from other types of photos that pursue saturation and meticulous texture. Because the image particles of this type of photo are large and the density is not enough, the contrast of black and white is not large, the dark part of the photo will not look too dark, and the bright part will not look too pale. More elegant and artistic photos.
    The photography market response and discussion
    The people who are generally unique and elegant, can appreciate the style of this type of photo. People who have learned photography are also self -made. However, some people who lack ideas for photography and art often cannot accept the rough texture on the picture. They will think that this is caused by amateur or non -professional negative shooting, and even thinks that photographers have cut corners. Therefore, when taking this type of photo, it is best to understand the artistic literacy of customers, so as not to make it clumsy and futile.
    The key technique description
    1. Use ultra -high -sensitivity negatives to shoot: This is the easiest way to obtain rough granules in images. Those who like such photos can choose high -sensitivity chassis when shooting, such as 800 degrees or 1600 degrees soft films. Use a 135mm camera to shoot. The effect will be more obvious when zooming in. When flushing the photo, because the sensitive emulsion of its negatives itself is already a rough particles of high sensitivity, it can naturally get a rough image than ordinary negatives. And when a small film is enlarged into a large photo, the phenomenon of its rough particles will be more obvious (the benefits of 135 film ...........).
    2. Using negatives to increase the development method: that is, the use of 400 degrees of sensitive negatives to shoot, and deliberately exposes less than two gears. The insufficient exposure part is compensated by adding the time of the development during the film development process. Because the negatives are lengthened in the time -seeking solution, the phenomenon of coarseization of the sensor particles will be formed. For those who use this method, remember the exact number of exposure when taking pictures, so that the company is required to printed the company to compensate according to the formula. Because the new negatives launched by various manufacturers have a very detailed image quality, this feeling of enlargement is not good; but in the past, this is the most commonly used technique in the photography industry.
    3. High multipliers: that is, when the negatives are amplified, the characteristics of the image particles will be large to achieve the effect of coarse granular texture. Generally, when the negatives are amplified or the magnification is more than twice, the image particles must be large due to enlarged, and when the high multiple enlarges, the naked eye can be clearly seen.
    4. It can also be used to obtain photos of the same coarse grain texture. No matter what method is adopted, it is best to be slightly less than one gear when shooting, so the printed photos will be more thick. (The dog head can come in handy ~~~)
    The shooting techniques for the photo of the constant light supplement light
    photos characteristics and style analysis
    In the lighting environment, it is necessary to adopt the way to make up for the perfect portrait photo. If the general flash is used as a source of light, the atmosphere of the picture will be insufficient because of its large scattered light area. Professional photographers generally use 3200K constant lamps as concentrated light sources. This color temperature -oriented concentric height lamp is projected, which will form the theme face brighter yellowish, and the background is darker and natural color. Special sense. Because the performance of the color temperature and the light ratio is different, it is a lighting technique often adopted during outdoor photography. The photos taken in this method are generally called a constant lamp supplementary light type photo.
    The key technique description
    1. Time to take pictures: This type of photo is taken about an hour before the sunrise or sunset, the effect is perfect. At this time, the sky or environmental status is a light value of light value, and the replenishment effect of artificial light sources can be manifested. In the forest and poor light, using this lighting technique is also ideal.
    2. Prepare a concentrated light light equipment: You can buy DC solar lamps for recording, but its lampshade needs to be changed to a four -leaf cover that can adjust the projected area. You can also use the front light of the car to replace it. The effect of the spotlight is also good, but the light value is weaker (generally 50W quartz light). Quartet bulb.
    3. Other devices: When taking this type of photo, because the theme and the background are weak, they need to carry a triangle to prevent vibration. They should also carry the meter meter and the filter that can change the color temperature. Using C12 blue filter can make the color temperature of 3200K more than 5400K color temperature of about 5400K. You can also print the company on behalf of the company when rinse the photo.
    Itmaging techniques of other filter type photos
    Photo characteristics and style analysis:
    This is the most commonly used shooting processing technique for general photography companies and amateur photographers. That is, when taking pictures, a variety of filters with special effects are installed in front of the camera, so that the photos taken to show the image effect of its filter. There are many filters on the market and different effects. Readers can refer to the instructions of each label to understand the effects of each filter. It is roughly used to blur the image around the theme, or make filters with functions such as soft scorching, radiation, blur -shaped and other functions.

  2. 1. Skills to shoot Star Mang: It's actually very simple to shoot Xing Mang. Use a small aperture when shooting. The more obvious the effect of Mang.

    2, the use of different perspective system: In fact, many of us in shooting a very ordinary thing in daily life, if you change the perspective, we will shoot different effects. We can establish our own unique unique effect From the perspective, you can make a magical effect. Try to put a lower perspective or higher or higher to find a feeling. rnrn3、流水的拍摄:有很多拍摄瀑布,海边的照片,流水拍出了像丝绢一样流动的感觉,非常漂亮,一定要使用脚架百和快门线,因为要拍The shredded flowing water needs to be exposed for a long time. At least one-tenth or more slower, the aperture must also be used. The F11-F16 is best, and the ISO uses 100. This can ensure the picture. detail.

    4, the shooting of the starry sky: shooting the starry sky also uses a tripod and shutter line, because shooting the starry sky requires a longer exposure time, knowing that it is a few hours, prepare spare batteries and power, lens settings settings, lens settings For the M gear, you need to focus manually, turn the focus ring to infinite far away, and then turn around for about 2-5mm. Why should I turn around, because even if the focus is in the night, the focus cannot be guaranteed. Look at the effect, fine -tuning according to the actual situation until the adjustment is in place.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I'm glad to serve youn1. Push the lens and push the lens is one of the common techniques in video shooting. The camera lens and the screen gradually approached. The frame of the screen gradually reduced. Pushing the lens can guide the audience to feel the inner activities of the character more deeply and strengthen the emotional atmosphere. 2. Pull the lens to pull the camera on the mobile car, and pull the picture in the back to the character or scene. The camera gradually stayed away from the subject of the subject, and the picture gradually expanded from a partial part to make the audience's viewpoints move backwards, and see the connection between local and overall. 3. Shake the lens shaking the lens is a shooting method in the video, which refers to when the camera is not moving. With the help of the activity chassis on the triangle or the photographer itself, the shooting method of the camera optical lens axis. 4. Close -up close -up refers to the face of the face of the portrait, a part of the human body, and a detailed lens of an item. Created and used by early American film director Griffis and others. Its appearance and use enhanced and enhanced the unique expression of film art, which has always been film aesthetics. 5. The effect of the photo taken in the shift shaft is like a miniature model, which is very special. The role of the shift lens was originally used to correct the perspective problems caused by ordinary wide -angle mirrors, but it was later widely used to create photography works that create changes.n① Use shallow scenery depth, let the background or prospects blur and blur, and achieve the purpose of streamlined the picture: open a large aperture, or pull the length of the focal length, or shoot at close range. ② Choose the shooting angle to make the screen background cleaner, such as using the sky as the background, the wall as the background, and so on.n2. Try to lower the lens lowering the shooting of most of our people is mainly flat shots. When shooting the same subject, if the lens in your hand is lowered, shooting from a low angle of perspective, the photos taken will be more attractive to attract more attractive photos. The audience's attention.nLow -angle shooting will bring a unique perspective performance, and it is easier to discover the landscape of the low place. It is often used as a background when shooting, thereby simplifying the shooting screen. Therefore, when you find that you are not satisfied, you can try to lower the lens to shoot.n3. When we take a certain object close to the shooting object, if it is a little farther from the shooting object, the picture composition of the photo needs to consider the three -point method, diagonal composition, symmetrical composition, etc. It's a bit troublesome, then you might as well close the lens close to the shooting object, or use the long focus to bring closer the zoom in the shooting subject, thereby showing the characteristics of the shooting subject more comprehensive, which greatly reduces the difficulty of shooting. One way.n4. Learn the framework chart of the framework. You can simply understand that the shooting subject is "frame", which highlights the shooting subject and makes the photo more attractive.nI hope my answer is helpful to you, looking forward to your praise, thank you. ️❤️❤️️️n6 morenBleak

  4. 1. First of all, if we give children photography, we are generally better to capture the moment of natural activities of children. This is more real, and it will look more natural. It is best to be better in children's activities.
    2, followed by photography for children, we can generally let children put on the clothes they like to wear, and then put on the corresponding POSE. We can choose close -up shooting.
    3, after that, if we give children photography, we still need to pay attention to shooting the good -looking side of the child as much as possible. It's better, it is a better way.
    4, and then, if we take children, we can also make children show surprises, and then we go to shoot specifically. The effect of shooting is also good. It can look particularly cute and quite good.
    5. After that, if we give children photography, we can also choose to shoot when children are lying on their stomachs. This can look naive and cute, and the effect of shooting is quite good. Generally, it is better to choose a long -distance shooting.
    6, in the end, if we take children's photography, we can also dress children's special Kawaii, and then we can shoot in a long time. This will also be very good -looking. Choose as much as possible to make children look at us.

  5. Film Cheats
    n00:00 / 00: 2170% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / pause ESC: Exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: decreases by 10% →: Single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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