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  1. It is usually between 160-300 yuan. It is mainly to find a good local -word -of -mouth hospital. The specific price can be told to the doctor. What are the hospitalization? Three days of anti -inflammatory needles, and the need to wake up the needle. Check out some information in this area and prepare.
    It because you have to wait until the end of the estrus, you can surgery. If you are too noisy, you can take a clean plastic tube cotton swab before you are going to sleep at night. With a cotton swab to reach into the cat, help it soothe, and you can sleep a little.

    Catal sterilization surgery precautions
    1. The money in a place is different from 60 -------- 400 and it is expensive.
    2. If the vaccine is required, it should be performed at least a week before the operation. Do not injected on the day of the operation.
    3. In advance, the cat is called a good weight at home to determine the amount of anesthetic during surgery.
    4. Before surgery, fasting should be fast for more than 8 hours. Forbidden water for more than 4 hours.
    5. If you want to specify a doctor to do it, you must inquire about his diagnosis in advance to avoid running.
    6. When you go to the hospital, you ca n’t hold your cats with bare hands. It is best to put it in a flat basket. In this way, cats that are still in a anesthetic state after surgery can lie comfortably and be kept warm with full clothes.
    7. As far as possible within 5 hours after surgery, he is in case of hemp medicine to prevent herself instinctively jumps and prevent accidents.
    8. The cats after surgery are particularly afraid of cold, so pay attention to keep warm. It is best to hug the quilt to sleep. As long as he does not refuse, he will continue to sleep in the bed, and it will sleep for about 20 hours in a row.
    9. If the cat takes the initiative to get out of bed, there are only two possibilities: one is to go to the toilet, the other is hungry, don't stop him, follow him.
    10. Usually the three -day diet and bowel movement have been returned to normal after surgery, and you can take care of yourself without care.
    11. Seven days after the operation, you can find the hospital nearby. There is no need to go to the hospital for surgery. After the line is removed, he may love licking hair and injury.

  2. The cost of the kitten cat sterilization surgery is roughly 100 yuan. However, surgery anesthesia anti -inflammatory needle 3 days after surgery is roughly 400 yuan.
    Them female cat sterilization surgery cost is roughly 500 yuan. However, surgery anesthesia anti-inflammatory needle 3 days after surgery is roughly 800-1000 yuan.

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