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  1. Common causes of cat cough

    The causes of cat cough are many-please remember, the problem may be from anywhere, from the throat to the depths of the chest.
    If determining the cause of cat cough will determine the treatment plan.
    The pet parents believe that their cat cough is caused by a hair ball.
    But if your cat has a hair ball, it is likely to be anti -scalp or vomiting, which is different from cough.
    If your veterinarian watched the video and confirmed that your cat was cough, it was almost not because of the hair ball.
    The possible causes of cat cough include the following:
    1. Viral respiratory tract infection

    This may be caused by cat herpes virus or cat cup -like virus. These viruses are contagious between cats and cats. Cats are infected in their childhood and carry viruses in the rest of their lives. In most cases, these viruses affect the upper respiratory tract, such as nose and throat. If the throat is inflamed and stimulated, cough may occur.
    For the treatment of viral respiratory tract problems, please refer to the article ""
    2. Chronic bronchitis (also known as asthma)
    about 1%of the diseased cat was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis (or or or Cat asthma), which is similar to human asthma. This is a disease related to airway inflammation, which causes chronic dry cough in most cases. However, cats can hide the disease well, and they may suddenly start coughing and difficulty breathing instead of showing chronic cough.
    3. Infectious bronchitis

    This is a pulmonary bronchitis caused by infection. The cause of it may include a lot.
    Ifirrazab or bronchial Bacteria. These bacteria rarely exist alone and often infect the respiratory tract or lungs with the virus. Cough occurs suddenly, usually accompanied by fever, loss of appetite, decreased activity, sneezing, and nasal mucus.
    Pelastes are parasites of pulmonary worms. These parasites are located in the air passage of the lungs, causing inflammation and causing cats to cough.
    This parasites are more common in kittens living outdoors.
    4. pneumonia
    Cats' pneumonia generally refers to lung inflammation. Pneumonia is very uncomfortable when pneumonia comes quickly-it may have a fever, lack of appetite, no activity, and may still have difficulty breathing. This may be caused by many reasons, such as: bacteria, viruses, parasites, native animals (such as toxoplasma), fungal or mold infections.
    Pyxia or gastric juice accidentally inhaled and caused infection, usually occurred in severe vomiting or anesthesia sedation.
    5. The throat foreign body

    Occasionally, part of the plant, what cat tries to eat, and even the hair ball will be stuck in the throat or nose. If there is a foreign body, inflammation and mucus will cause cough.
    6. Nasopharyngeal meat
    This is a mass caused by chronic nasal or pharyng inflammation. Usually, there are no specific root causes. These! These worsps can produce inflammation, usually mucus, which causes cough. It may also cause sound changes or breathe loudly with the nose, such as snoring.
    7. Edema

    The edema refers to the trachea that is full of lungs, causing cough because the body tries to eliminate liquid and work hard. This may be caused by the heart (heartogenic), or it may not be. Because cough caused by heart failure is extremely rare on cats, if edema occurs, it is unlikely to be related to heart disease. Even so, the only way is to ask a specialist or a cardiac doctor to check the cat's heart.
    8. Cancer
    Cat cancer caused cough in a variety of different ways. One way is to grow a large mass in the chest or throat and compress the air passage of the trachea or the lungs. The other may be found in the throat and trachea.
    9. Trauma

    Is when a cat encounters trauma, the trachea will bleed and cause cough. Sometimes, the lungs themselves will be pierced, so that the air will be relieved, making the breathing difficult. In any case, these cats need to seek medical treatment immediately.
    10. The thoracic effusion
    This means that a certain liquid is inside the cat's chest, but outside the lungs. It may be bacterial infection, cancer liquid or lymphatic fluid (rare). These liquids cause pressure on the lungs and cause cough.
    11. The lymph nodes deep in the breast
    The lymph nodes naturally exist in the cat's chest, and they work in the immune system. Cancer or severe infection can cause these lymph nodes to swell. If they are swollen obvious, they will cause pressure on the trachea and air channels and cause cough.

  2. Many cat raised people may ignore cat cough. Although the disease is small, it needs to pay attention. We can only let cats have no disaster and keep pet cats healthy body. If the cat is coughing, we also need to find out the reason and take measures to treat it.
    First of all, the cause of pet cats cough
    The common causes of cough are pulmonary edema, bronchium pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchitis, bronchial palsy, laryngitis, allergies and asthma. Primary cough is mainly caused by a cold. If it is affected by cold and climate change, it can stimulate the bronchial mucosa, increase the amount of mucus secretion, and promote the breeding of bronchial bacteria.
    The infectious diseases that cause cough are infectious bronchitis, cat lung tuberculosis, etc. According to other clinical symptoms, necessary examinations are performed to find out the cause of the disease.
    Secondly, cat cough symptoms. Cat cough can be divided into dry cough and wet cough. Cough may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as runny nose, tears or fever.
    1. The nature of cough does not have cough or sputum, which is called dry cough. Dry cough or irritating cough in acute or chronic pharyngitis, laryngeal cancer, early acute bronchitis, bronchial compression, bronchial foreign objects, bronchial tumors, pleural diseases, primary pulmonary hypertension and two -pointed valve stenosis. Cough cough is called wet cough, which is common in chronic bronchitis, bronchial dilatation, pneumonia, lung abscess and empty tuberculosis.
    2. The time and laws of cough. Sudden cough is usually caused by inhalation irritating gases or foreign objects, lymph nodes or tumors compress the trachea or bronchial fork. Cough, bronchial tuberculosis and bronchial asthma (mutant asthma) are the main symptoms of cough. Long -term chronic cough is more common in chronic bronchitis, bronchial expansion, and lung abscess and tuberculosis. The cause of cough at night in the left heart failure and tuberculosis patients may be related to the increase in lung congestion at night and increased vagus nerve excitement.
    cough sound refers to the characteristics of cough sound. If the cough is hoarse, it is mainly caused by the inflammation of the vocal cord or the tumor compresses the throat nerve; the crocodile -like cough is characterized by a continuous paroxysmal cough, accompanied by high -profile inhalation echo, which is more common in throat diseases or trachea in thorough cough. Emphasized; metal -type cough is common in the cough caused by the tumor, aortic or bronchial cancer due to hypertular tumors, aortic or bronchial cancer; the cough sound is low or weak, which is seen in severe lung emphysema, vocal cord paralysis and extremely weak cat.
    three, cat cough treatment measures
    The obsession and permission to veterinarians before taking the cat. Cat cough may be a trivial matter, but when the treatment is not treated at the time, other diseases can be induced. This is a big deal.
    Therefore, cats can take medicine, but must be recognized by professionals. If the cat coughs, the owner must send a pet to the veterinarian first.
    Four, cat cough prevention measures
    1. First avoid colds and colds, and do not contact the sick cat.
    2. Keep warm when the weather is cold.
    3. Annual vaccine deworming work must be in place.
    4. For those who are allergic to flowers, trees and trees should be isolation.

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