5 thoughts on “Can cats eat rice?”

  1. Cats can eat rice, but it should be cooked rice. To be precise, it should be rice. The raw rice is called rice. For cats to eat rice, it is best to mix some vegetables, or pour some fish soup, the cat is more loved, and the nutrition is rich. However, don't give cats every day. After all, the main food of cats should be cat food. The nutritional content of cat food is relatively balanced, and the nutrition of rice is relatively single, not enough for cat growth. In short, cats can eat rice, but don't eat it frequently.

  2. Cats can eat rice. Rice contains protein, fat, vitamins and various minerals. These are better for cats, but it should be noted that cats cannot use rice as a staple food, which will cause cats to be uneven nutrition. Cats cannot feed rice for a long time, because the starch content of rice will make cats unable to digest and absorb.

  3. Cats can eat cooked rice properly, but they cannot be used as a staple food, because rice is carbohydrate, and too many cats cannot digest, and cats still have to be meat.

  4. Rice belongs to cereals, and cats are meat animals. They can only digest meat. Eating other types of foods will be malnourished.

    Although grass can not digest and absorb, it can help cats to discharge hair. So you can eat a small amount of cat grass.

  5. It is generally not recommended to feed rice for cats. If it is temporarily short in cat food, you can temporarily eat rice. The main ingredient of rice is starch, which cannot provide cats with rich nutrients, which can easily lead to malnutrition. At the same time, cats are animals with protein as their main foods. Excessive feeding rice will increase the burden on the cat's digestive system, which may cause digestive dysfunction in severe cases. In addition, the texture of the rice is soft, and it is easy to get stuck between the cat's teeth, which then harms the cat's oral health. In severe cases, it will cause oral odor, gingivitis, and gum redness. Finally, it is recommended to feed cat food. In addition, you can also feed some common meat foods, such as chicken, fish, and so on. Fish thorns need to be removed when feeding fish.

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