5 thoughts on “Cats can eat fish oil for a few months”

  1. If you want to eat fish oil for cats to make the hair beautiful, it is generally waiting for the cat's gastrointestinal development and the stomach to accept fish oil. It is recommended to be one year old. However, it is not possible to eat fish oil or long -term fish oil. You should also need to help cats supplement and care from daily life.
    . Supplement nutrition from the diet. Some cat owners will not pay attention to the feeding of cats, such as long -term feeding a single cat food, or food that cats eat people at will. In fact, there is no way to supplement the cat The nutrition required by the body will also stimulate the cat's body and the hair loss. Therefore, when the cat owner feeds the cat, pay attention to the light diet. On the basis of the staple food, add nutritional supplementary food to the cat, such as boiled chicken breasts, beef, fish, etc., which can be fed 3 to 4 times a week.
    . Feed the cat to feed the lecithin. If a cat grows cute, but the color of the hair looks dull, or if the hair is a bit rough, it will immediately change the degree of love of others for cats, even The cat owner also feels that the cat seems a bit dirty. In fact, this is because the cat owner did not supplement the cat's nutritional problems. In addition to food, you also need to make some additional supplements to the cat, such as feeding the cat some meow meow Want lecithin to help cats return to normal.
    . Washing and protection things Cats are very clean small animals. They lick their hair by themselves to clean their bodies every day. The skin of the cat will also affect the hair of the cat, so it is usually washed once a month in winter and washed twice a month in summer. There are also water temperature. After bathing, dry and dry in time.

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