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  1. Cats do not want the owner to be sad, very spiritual pets.

    This cats because they have feelings for the owner and do not want the owner to be sad, so when they are about to find a place where the owner cannot find, wait for death. Even the owner is difficult to discover.
    If in the house is a bungalow, the cat will find a nearby eaves or the corner of the alley, etc., and the owner will find it if you want to accommodate the cat. Will be in your own home.
    If you live in the apartment -style house, the cat may hide in places such as the grass in the community garden, and some are far away because they can't find a suitable place.
    The home is really living high, and if there is no other way to go out for the cat, he is likely to hide under the sofa or the bed.
    This does not want the owner to know that he is about to leave. If he really finds a cat, don't show a sad look in front of him.
    By the way, if the cat is not good with the owner, he will find a place to lie on his stomach and wait for death.

    The personality of cats:
    cats like lonely and freely movement. In addition to the estrus mating, rarely inhabits three or five in groups.

    The nature of cats does not recognize specific masters. However, when a cat is raised for a while, under the care, training and tuning of the owner, the loneliness can also change, and can eventually establish feelings with the owner; in the process, it will Establish a concept of its own territory, and does not allow other cats to enter their own territory. Once there are invaders, they will immediately launch an attack.

    This is strong in jealousy. It is manifested in not only to be jealous of the same category, but sometimes the owner's performance of too much of the child will also cause the cat's anger. For example, if you pose one of the two cats, the other cat will immediately make a threat of "whine", and the cat in his arms will be unwilling to show weakness, preventing the other cat from approaching the owner.
    The cat has "remote", which is one of the most hygienic animals. Every Tmall uses your paw to wash your face several times; every time you urinate in a fixed place, you must use soil to cover the feces with soil.因此,主人可以在室内或饲养笼内(较大空间)的一角处,放置有铺垫物(如砂土、锯末、碎吸水纸和煤灰渣等)的便盆,便于收集全部大、小便,以Keep environmental hygiene.

    Cat loves to sleep

    Sleeping is an important behavior that animals cannot lack. Sleep can relieve the fatigue of the body and brain, and can prepare for the next activity for strength and energy.

    This sleeping time is about twice the sleep time. However, cats do not sleep like humans, but they are divided into several sleep, so cats can get up at night at night. The big head of the cat family has to sleep for about 20 hours a day.
    The research shows that three -quarters of cat sleep are fake sleeping, that is, beating. Therefore, it seems that the cats are sleeping for 16 hours a day, in fact, the sleeping time is only 4 hours.

    The people have various postures while sleeping, and cats also have various postures when they sleep. The cat sleeps on his stomach, sitting and sleeping, and sometimes sleeping in the sky. The cat also said the dream, and this dream was a tweet. When the cat has a nightmare, he is also scared to open his eyes.
    This cats' choice of sleeping venues is very careful. In summer, cats can accurately find a ventilated and cool place. In winter, cats can accurately find a warm place. In addition, cats follow the sun's movement many times. The sunflower is always towards the sun.
    The cats always strive for the most comfortable place for sleeping places. For example, sleeping near the heater, but often the cat's tail is scorched; female cats and cubs sometimes choose a comfortable place to squeeze together, but it is easy to suffocate the cat cubs and die; Create furniture and supplies. These cats must pay attention to.

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