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  1. Everyone knows that cats are very docile and cute, so many people now like to raise cats as pets. Many of the cats of cats come from Russia, such as Russian blue cats, Siberian forest cats, Donsco cats, and so on.
    . What are the famous cat varieties in Russia?
    1, Russian blue cat. Russian blue cats can be said to be the most popular type of Russian cat varieties. Russian blue cats are also called Russian blue. They are known as short -haired cats. This cat has a very clear blue in the whole body. It seems that the silver light is flashed, and the body has a thick double layer of hair. It is the thickest among all short hair, and it looks very noble and elegant.
    2, Siberian forest cat. Russia's Siberian cat first appeared in the 16th century literature. At that time, it was called the Bharsky cat. Because this cat lived in Russia with a harsh natural environment, the whole body was covered by long hair. Even the cat's neck has a thick circle of hair collar. Its outer layer is very important, because it is smooth and oily, and the body shape is very huge. Generally, the Siberian forest cat can weigh more than 9 kg or more It is one of the largest cat varieties.
    3, Donski Cat. Russia's Donsco cat is similar to a hairless cat in Canada. This cat's hair is very thin and close to the skin. In addition to the ears and noses, there are some soft and thin tire hair. There are no hair in other places, and the skin is like a fluffy warm water bag.
    . What should I pay attention to when raising pet cats at home?
    If you want to raise a pet cat at home, you must train cats not to bite people, because cats usually prefer to bite people. Many cats like to run to the owner when they are fine, and then grab the owner's arm and bite The master's finger, in fact, this can be changed by the cat. For example, when the cat initially bites you, it should be stopped. Whether the cat bits the pain or pain, it should be scolded loudly, and then the cat will be scared to be frightened It is wrong to know that biting people. In addition, you need to put the grapes or raisins at the place where the cat can't get, because cats eat grapes can cause renal failure.

  2. Blue cats, Siberian forest cats, Myanmar cats, Donsco cats, UREREx cats, short -tailed cats, and short -tailed cats are all well -known cat varieties in Russia.

  3. There are Russian blue cats, Siberian cats, Donsco cats, Chitochoa cats, Nishwa Kamen Dance cats. These varieties of cats are more famous and have a very beautiful appearance.

  4. For example, there are Russian blue cats, Siberian cats, Donsco cats, Chi Island short -tailed cats, Nishi Kamen Dance cats, Petersburg hairless cats, Uralrex cats, Mekong short -tailed cats.

  5. The most famous is the Russian blue cat, the Siberian cat, the more expensive hairless cat, the Siamese cat, and the Uralrex cat in Russia.

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