There are nearly a hundred leopard cats in Luoyang, Henan. What kind of animal is the leopard cat?

4 thoughts on “There are nearly a hundred leopard cats in Luoyang, Henan. What kind of animal is the leopard cat?”

  1. Do you still remember that the mountain patrol people found a leopard cat cub on the mountain? Do you think that Leopard Cat cub is very cute and like a kitten.
    But in fact, Leopard Cat is a second -level protection animal in my country. So even if the leopard cat is cute, we cannot capture them without authorization.
    This farm is a breeding field. Recently, in a farm in Luoyang, Henan, our relevant personnel found that nearly a hundred leopard cats were locked in a cage.
    we can see that the leopard cat is very bad in the cage, and the owner of the farm said that these leopard cats are wild and expressed their willingness to be sold, so the source of this batch of leopard cats may be unreasonable.
    So the owner of the farm has been controlled by the police and the case is under investigation.
    So what kind of animal is a leopard cat?
    The shape of the leopard cat is very similar to the leopard, but the leopard cat's body is not as huge as a leopard, but it is a little bigger than the ordinary cat. The white stripes on their bodies extended from their noses to their eyes, often to the top of their heads, and they looked very mighty.
    . They are carnivorous animals and like to move at night. Leopard cats are also known as the names of mountain raccoon, wild cats, raccoon, etc. They generally inhabit the mountains and forest areas, country shrubs and forest villages. Places with many human activities.
    of course, the speed of Leopard Cat is also very fast. Generally, it is rarely actively attacking humans. When encountering humans, you will choose to avoid humans. It is unruly, so it is difficult to tame them to raise them. They like freedom and do not like to be restrained.

    . Their eyes are also very unique, like two amber inlaid on their faces, looking at very spirit.
    I. I want to remind everyone that it is illegal to sell wild leopard cats privately, because Leopard Cat is a protective animal in my country, and if we find such behavior around, we can also report such behavior.

    did you remember?

  2. There are nearly a hundred leopard cats in Luoyang, Henan, Henan. Leopard cats are second -level protective animals in my country. Wild fur wearing copper coin patterns, clever and cunning, agile in action, leopard cats are mainly inhabited by mountains and forests, country shrubs and forestry villages near the villages The alertness is extremely high. Once it is threatened, it disappears in the forest. It is one of the important members of the cat family and is an elf walking in nature.

  3. Leopard cats belong to national second -level protection animals in China. Because the patterns on it look like copper coins, they are also called "money cats" in China. Leopard cats are closer to home cats, but their bodies are more slender. The pattern of the leopard cat's body is very unique. Among them, the markings from the head to the shoulders are generally four wide stripes, while the head from the head to the nose has white stripes. In addition, Leopard Cat's body side has spots of varying sizes. The hair color of the leopard cat is mostly light brown or light yellow. This kind of hair color is similar to the patterns on it make it look similar to the leopard.

  4. Leopard cat is a cat -eating leopard cat. The legs are very long, the body is slender, with spots on the body, large ears, and belonging to night -moving animals. They like to live alone or survive, like to swim in water, and now there are many pets.

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