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  1. Cats
    Cats like warm animals. In winter, sudden changes in temperature may cause cats' discomfort. So, do pet cats wear clothes in winter? What do cats pay attention to in winter?
    . The warmth of the cat
    1. Do cats wear clothes?
    The cats have thick fur itself. In winter, the fluff is warm from me. Therefore, in general, it is not necessary to add clothes to the cat.
    In the room, if the cat feels cold, he will find a relatively warm place, such as next to the heating, the place where the solar is sunny, and your quilt.
    2. The temperature difference should not be too large.
    In the cold winter, the most unbearable difference between the cat is actually the obvious hot and cold temperature difference, such as the bedroom and the living room, the quilt inside and out of the room, and the indoor. Just sneezing.
    If the temperature difference is too large, cats are the easiest to catch a cold. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the room temperature of the cat activity range, especially when the temperature drops suddenly at night and early morning temperature. In these periods, cat parents can use the heater to maintain the indoor temperature. Enter the room to keep warm!
    3. When you go out, pay attention to keeping warm
    The cold outside freezing, which is different from the room. When you go out, you must keep warm to the cat. First of all, prepare the cage, blankets, warm bags and thin towels. Parents only need to spread the blanket at the bottom of the cage first, then put the warm bag on the blanket, cover a thin layer of towel, super warm It's done when you go out!
    Is when going out in winter, in order to avoid cats directly blowing the cold wind, it is recommended to use a closed windproof material cage.
    The warm bag on the market can be used to pad at the bottom of the cage, but avoid the warm warm bag to directly contact the skin and overheat. It is best to put a thin layer of towels for isolation.
    4. Dry more sun
    , like us, in the sunny weather, cats should be exposed to the sun, especially for cats that are growing and developing. The ultraviolet rays in the sun not only have the function of disinfection and sterilization, but also promote the absorption of calcium, promote bone growth and development, and prevent rampant diseases.
    . Precautions for diet
    1. Eating: Cats in winter will eat more. He will let himself grow fat to protect the cold. So we need to adjust the cat's nutrition in winter to ensure comprehensive nutrition. In addition, the cat should be appropriately supplemented with vitamins to prevent getting angry and dry stool.
    2. Drinking water: Many cats have decreased in winter due to the decrease in water temperature in winter, the amount of water drinking water is reduced, and the amount of urine has decreased. In order to maintain the cats often drink water, cat parents can try to use the aquarium with heating rods to increase the water to increase the water. At about 27 ℃ 29 ° C, the cat's willingness to drink water.
    3. Prevent obesity
    Cats are reduced in winter outdoor activities. Improper breeding management can easily cause obesity and diabetes; pregnancy cats are too fat to cause dystocia, so they should increase indoor fun.
    Cats like to do chasing movements, playing small toys, especially those who are more interested in color, you can give it some balls (such as table tennis, leather balls, etc.), small paper groups, line groups and other toys, Let it keep hunting and play, which can not only increase the amount of cat's activity, but also increase the family's joyful atmosphere.

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