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  1. It is generally not recommended to raise cats.
    This is the host of a bow -shaped worm, so people who are pregnant with cats are very prone to infection of Toxoplasma. Gow -shaped worms can invade the fetus through the placenta. Therefore, some experts pointed out that 40%of patients who were infected with toxoplasma during pregnancy also had 40%of their children to form congenital bow -shaped insect diseases. Most of these diseases had no symptoms, but they laid hidden dangers.
    Mi of them will develop onset at the age of 20-30 after adulthood. There may be possibility of learning weakness, insufficient vision, blindness, or insufficient intelligence, and even epilepsy, death, etc. If pregnant women are infected in the early and second trimester, 10%of the fetus will cause congenital bow -shaped insect disease, so it is not recommended to raise a cat for pregnant women during pregnancy.

  2. The theoretical root of pregnant women who cannot raise cats is a parasite called Gigang Gang -shaped worm, because if pregnant women are infected with toxoplasma, the fetus will not be kept.
    but in China, even the United States, most people do not use infected cat dung, but to eat or cooked meat that are raw or unshakable, or unswetted fruits and vegetables, as well as suffering, as well as suffering, as well as suffering, and suffer, and suffer, and suffer, as well as suffering, as well as suffering. Polluted water or soil, and infected with toxoplasma.
    This cats are usually rarely out. If deworming and vaccination regularly, the chances of infection of Toxoplasma are very low. Pregnant women do not have to worry about being infected at all.
    At the same time, although Toxoplasma is indeed devastating for pregnant women, taking some common sense prevention measures is enough to ensure the safety of pregnant women.
    1. If a pregnant woman raises a cat, it is best to hand over the miscellaneous care of the cat to the family during pregnancy;
    2, clean the cat litter with disposable gloves, and put on a mask at the same time;
    3, keep it, keep it The cleansing of cat litter pots, the longer the infected cat dung stays, the higher the risk of parasitic eggs infection;
    4. Try to feed cats and cat food during pregnancy instead of the raw of parasites that may exist. If you want to feed your own meat, you can cook it slightly, or freeze the meat for a few days, and then thaw to feed the cat.

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