4 thoughts on “The weather is hot in summer, how can parents help Garfield to cool down?”

  1. The weather is hot in summer, how can parents help Garfield to cool down? Summer is here, and the weather is hot, and many people can't stand the pets at home? Many friends are worried about this problem: how can we make the cats at home not heat stroke when the summer comes? What should we do as shoveling officials? Can you quickly cool the cat?
    has many methods. First, we can turn on the air conditioner.
    This is the most intuitive cooling method, and the most effective. We can adjust the air conditioner to a suitable temperature. Do not be too cold, because this will cause cats to have a cold. Once the cat has a cold, the treatment will be very troublesome. At the same time, it will endanger the cat's health, so the temperature should be maintained in a certain state when turning on the air conditioner.
    The second point, you can eat some fruits for cats.
    is the same as humans. Most of the way of cooling down is sweating. Then sweating requires body moisture, so if we want to cool down the Garfield at home, we must supplement it. Once moisture is reached, cats can cool down through their own heat. Coupled with other external assistance, the effect is better. Do not think that using the air conditioner can effectively cool the cat. Although a cat is a drought pet and does not like to drink water. However, as the owner, you must replenish your cat's cat, otherwise it will cause the cat to have heat stroke. At the same time, cats are short of water and cause some other diseases. At this time, if a cat does not drink water, we can replenish water by eating watermelon. Because most cats do not like to drink water, they like to eat, and the watermelon is rich in cats after using cats. This will effectively help cats take heat dissipation through the body, and it will not cause cats to lack water in the body. If you add it, the timely ventilation effect may be better. Did you learn?

  2. You can give it a fan, or use the air conditioner to reduce the indoor temperature, drink water, let it sleep on the mat, or sleep in a relatively cool place, open the windows to ventilate it.

  3. The weather is hot, and you give your Garfield to a cool and ventilated place. At the same time, you must ensure the amount of water entering the kitten and urge the kitten to drink plenty of water.

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