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  1. Sergland folding ear cat (detail introduction)
    When cats are sick, their bodies are weak and sluggish. Many times they will refuse to eat. At this time, the owner's careful care is needed Resistance, but if you blindly change your diet, it is likely to cause cats to picky food. Even if the body recovers health, it will still be more picky. What can I do?

    . The diet should be cleaned
    ma and elderly cats are more susceptible to disease. Generally speaking, adult cats are very strong and difficult to get sick. Even some diarrhea and vomiting Small illness, you can also recover quickly without taking extra care. However, some purebred cats such as Persian and Himalaya cats, whether they are kittens or big cats, if they do not pay attention to breeding management, they can easily cause various diseases. Therefore, for this kind of cats, breeders must strengthen the prevention and control measures for cat diseases, try to eliminate all bad factors that cause cats to disease, prevent problems before they occur, or discover and treat in the early stages of cats.
    , like people, many cat diseases also enter from the mouth. To prevent cat disease, the food must be cleaned and fresh, and the food does not leave the pot. Do not feed cats to spoiled foods, pay attention to the balance of cat food nutrition, do not feed some single feed for a long time to prevent cats from lack of certain nutrition. Feeding should be regularly and quantitative, be careful not to let cats eat. The second is to disinfect the cat's basin, pots and cat nests to kill the original bacteria. The third is to sort the cats often, take a bath appropriately, and keep the cat's autologous hygiene. The fourth is to try not to let cats contact insects such as flies and cockroaches that have been exposed to, reducing the roots of pollution.
    . The environment should be appropriate
    After the cat is sick, the physical strength consumes a lot of energy, the mental is sluggish, the eye shit is increased, the movement is lying alone, and the action is slow. Pour and dirty. The serious cats even drowned anywhere, completely losing their good habits in the past. At this time, the owner should not dislike the sick cat, but should take care of and care about the diseased cats more, sort out the hair to promote the blood circulation of the body surface, and scrub the hair that is dirty by the stool; The room should be ventilated, and the cooling facilities are appropriately equipped. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling. In winter, you should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth and prevent cats from catching colds. Of course, cats who are sick should ask veterinarians to diagnose and treat. Only on the basis of active treatment, strengthen breeding management and careful care, can we have a medical cat to restore health as soon as possible. Generally, there is a strong ability to endure the pain. After the cat is sick, he often hides in a quiet and dim place to rest. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to observation, and after discovering the sick cat in time, take care of careful care to recover. The diseased cat is generally weak. It is necessary to minimize the diseased cat activity as much as possible, and place the sick cat in a comfortable, warm (or cool) place to make it fully rest. Essence
    . The abnormal manifestation of the cat's illness
    First of all, no matter what kind of disease is the cat's disease, the mental condition of the cat will be seriously affected. Driven by disease, pet cats will become mentally weak, cat's actions will become slow, the curiosity of surrounding things will be reduced, the response to external things will become dull, and the personality will begin to become introverted. If the cat has such a situation, it means that the cat is sick.
    INK's nose of a healthy pet cat is wet and cold. Except when the cat sleeps and wakes up, if the cat's nose is dry, it means that the cat's body is not very comfortable. If the cat's nose is also hot, it is necessary to measure the body temperature for the cat immediately, and the cat is likely to have a fever. Cats troubled by disease will change their appetite. When cats suddenly have loss of appetite or suddenly increased, they all indicate that the cat's body has abnormalities. The slightly mild disease is hair balls, and severe diseases are diabetes.
    Is when a cat is found abnormal, the breeder must pay attention to it. Because the cat's disease has gradually accumulated from an early age, if the cat suffers from a small disease and it is not treated in time and effective, the minor illness will eventually lead to an irreplaceable disease. It is very large, even threatening the life of pet cats.
    Pules after some cats are sick, many owners like to ask some treatment methods online. Some small diseases can be like this, but some more serious diseases should seek medical treatment in time, because even if the doctor can diagnose the disease, the owner can be diagnosed, the owner can There is no way to treat it by itself.

  2. What should I do if the cat is sick
    This Li Zhengyang practicing veterinarian
    . Catal response measures
    If your cat has a cold and fever, do not delay. If you don't have time to go to the pet hospital at this time, the appropriate amount of children's drugs such as Xiao Chaihu can help it relieve symptoms.
    This cold is caused by cold stimulation by cats.
    This treatment method: ① 0.3 ml/kg (or take) of the hot Chaihu injection, 2 times/day, muscle injection for 2 to 3 days. ② Anti -inflammation prevent secondary infection, can inject antibiotics or oral antibiotics. Penicillin 50,000 units/kg weight, 2 times/day, muscle injection for 2 to 3 days. You can also take McGycin 30 mg/kg of weight, 2 times/day, 3 to 4 days in a row.
    . The measures of cat moss
    If the most recent cats start hair loss, take it seriously. It may be a fungal skin disease. (Commonly known as cat moss)
    This is a skin disease of damage, scabs, and hair removal caused by fungi on the surface of the cat's skin.
    This treatment method: ① 30 mg of gray types of aslalomycin tablets/kg of weight, 1 time/day, 3 to 4 weeks in a row, can inhibit the development of deep hair root Forest. ② Apply antifungal drugs to cut off the diseased parts and clean the skin. Using ringworm or clone ointment or Da Konon or ringworm ointment, apply the area of ​​the disease, the area of ​​the medicine should be greater than the affected area. If the itch is more serious, it can be used alternately with the acetic acid.
    . The countermeasures of external otitis media
    Cat otitis media is the inflammation of the cat's ear canal and the cause of the common disease of the cat. The symptoms of sick cats often show irritability. They often beat their ears, or scratch their ears with their claws, or wipe their ears with their ears. The appetite decreases. The outer ear canal is attached to the black secretion. Sometimes, ear leaks will stick to the hair of the ear base. Over time, the ear canal and subcutaneous tissue hyperplasia, the ear canal cavity narrows, and the hearing decreases. If your cat's symptoms are as described above, it can be diagnosed as external otitis media.
    The treatment method: remove the cause, clean the ear canal, and prevent infection.
    1, outer ear washing. Cut off the roots of the ears and the hair, use 70%alcohol disinfection shell and the outer mouth of the ear canal. Then use 0.1%to destroy it with a cleanliness, preferably 2%boric acid solution, wipe the earwars and exudate with a wet cotton swab, and then dry the ear canal with a dry cotton hair.
    2, ear canal medication. Parasitic external otitis media, after the ear canal was cleaned, apply 1-2%of the enemy's aqueous solution to the affected area and treat it again 4 days. Bacterial external fungus, rinse the ear canal and apply chlorophyterin ointment and hydrogenated sweet ointment for 1-2 times a day for 1 week.
    This on this page provides maintenance

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer cats are very picky. When you are not sick, you will be very picky. You feel that you do n’t want to eat it. Even if you are hungry, you do n’t eat it. When the cat is sick, the stomach becomes more fragile. The breath seems to be taken away by the illness. At this time, the cats need to pay more attention to eating. They should not be fed like normal. The cat's appetite will deteriorate, so you still need to take it slowly.n1. It is essential to regulate the stomach to the sick cat. Why, because the cat's stomach is sensitive and fragile, and if you get sick, it will become more weak. It is weak. If you want to restore your body, you must have sufficient nutritional intake. Cats do not want to eat the symptoms. Portable probiotics usually play a role in protecting the gastrointestinal.n2. It is very necessary to feed suitable foods suitable for feeding. Do not feed the cats and dry foods like feeding normal cats. Whether it is a cat sick or healthy The sick cat needs to eat some liquid foods. Such foods are not allowed to increase the burden on the cat's weak gastrointestinal. You can make some carrots or green vegetable meat porridge. If the cat eats too little, you can feed some glucose , But don't think that glucose is enough. This is just a temporary supplement and cannot achieve the role of replenishing energy.nI want to ask him about his gumsnAnswer teeth?nNo question, but the gums swollen and covered the teeth and covered all the teeth.nI don’t have a photo to describe it for younAnswer cats may have redness and swelling of the cat because of oral ulcers, and cats with oral ulcers may have the following symptoms: bad breath, drooling, gum redness, difficulty in eating, and shaking their heads. I did n’t need to take medicine. After all, as the saying goes, it ’s“ the medicine is three -point poison ”. The pet owner can refer to the following measures to help cats restore oral health.nQuestion?nAnswer yes.nAsk her what this isnThe answer measures are above.nIt is red and swollen gums.n12 morenBleak

  4. It is recommended to take it to the hospital for treatment. Cats have a strong patience, so the early stage of the disease is not easy to detect. The owner observes that the cats and diseases have developed to the middle and late stages. Therefore, the owner should not ignore it. When cats, pay more attention to their mental appetite, urination and bowel movements, regularly do insect repellent, and squeeze the anal glands for cats, prevent heat stroke in summer, and keep warm in winter.
    The performance of cats uncomfortable
    P. First, spiritual sluggish. The more lively cats suddenly became unwilling and lethargic. Second, a decrease in appetite. Cats do n’t even eat snacks that they usually eat, so the cat's body must have problems. Third, the body temperature rises. Measure the temperature of the rectum higher than 39 degrees Celsius, then the cat is in a fever. Fourth, other symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.

  5. It is best to take a cat to the pet shop. If you do not judge according to the condition, if the cat only has a slight gastrointestinal discomfort, you can take the cat's oral probiotics for gastrointestinal conditioning. If a cat has a cold and cough, you can take the cat for oral speed and cough potion at the weight dose. If a cat has a skin disease, antifungal, mite or bacterial spray and medicinal bath fragrance can be used for treatment according to specific circumstances.

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