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  1. How to get along with cats and dogs
    The pet cats and dogs that start with them must be separated first to get familiar with each other.
    S especially cat, there is always hostility for dogs. Dogs are okay, especially big dogs disdain to deal with cats. The puppy likes to run with cats. Close into the environment, let it be familiar with the land first, and don't let it know the existence of a dog.
    The cat is a site animal. When it is familiar with the site, it will not run away easily. Otherwise, the dog will not return home from then on.
    Stherlessly walking the dog every day, but when walking the dog, let the cat go out, let the cat know slowly, there is a dog member at home.
    The is the same for dogs, but you don't need to do anything, as long as the cat has come, the dog's nose must be known. Pay attention to this step, at least one week.
    . Then, take the dog and bring it into a cat with a cat. At this time, the cat will stand upside down and make a whine call. The dog may see the cat barking. Let it know that it cannot be fierce against cats.
    repeat the above steps.
    If the hostility of cats and dogs is not so obvious, so much better, you must also take the dog out, and let the cats and dogs meet every day. Persist for a week.
    The cats and dogs are psychologically prepared for each other. You can put the cats out of free movement. The dog is still borne by it for the time being. Going to the dog, but this is a great progress that allows cats and dogs to live together.
    In unbinding the dog, if it is fierce or borne, if it is just Wang Wang, it means that it is curious. If you want to chase the cat like a rabbit, as long as the cat is not afraid, the problem is not big. You must know that the cat is familiar with the site, the body shape is small, and there are many hidden places.
    . After a long time, the dog's curiosity was rarely chased.
    Is when cats and dogs can eat in a basin, and cats can lick their hair for dogs, and when they sleep at the dog, the mixing is completed. At this time, cats and dogs have let go of their hearts, and the owner can breathe.
    Puled cats and dogs at the same time at the same time, not to be thick.
    In the cat -dog adaptation period, pay special attention not to fight. If you are not sure if you can coexist, do not let them together, especially new cats, do not leave a psychological shadow.
    If the cats and dogs are adult, then the mixer is more difficult. If the dog's variety is very docile, you can still try it.

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