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  1. Some foods can be shared by the owner and dogs. The only thing to pay attention to is that these foods are only used as dog snacks and cannot replace staple foods. Regardless of how much beneficial nutrition is in a food, it is just part of the dog's recipe and cannot replace the more balanced dog food.
    The peanut sauce: high protein, rich in tobaccoic acid, vitamin E, K and B3, as well as rich minerals, such as iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, calcium, etc. For dogs that do not have overweight problems and have no words, peanut butter are very good snacks, especially in the following occasions, peanut butter can also provide greater help to the owner: dogs need to take medicine (swallow pills), and Dogs do not like their KONG series toys, dogs' hairy looks a little bad, and so on. However, some dogs are like people's advertising specifications. They can talk about allergic reactions, cause skin redness and swelling, and hair infection with ears. The owner must investigate clearly before sharing with the dog.
    This: It mainly refers to the Berry class in English, such as strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc. These fruits are rich in antioxidants to help the dog's body resist the infringement of "free radicals", and at the same time improve the dog's urinary system. Studies have stated that blueberries have a good effect on maintaining a cognitive function of aging dogs. So you can give them some when you eat this kind of fruits. But there is no need to be harmless to dogs or fruits, with nuclear fruits, such as cherry, winter green berries, and savage parasites that have a certain toxic and side effect on dogs.
    Chicken: There is no more suitable for the meat of pet dogs than chicken. The nutrition is balanced, cheap and easy to handle. So, next time you plan to cook cola chicken wings or friends to barbecue, you can consider that before the chicken enters the pot, take out a few pieces to cook with white water and remove the bones inside as the dog's snack -don't want to do not want Treatment with oil and salt, do not contain bones.
    cheese: The role of cheese is similar to peanut butter. As long as the dog does not have lactose intolerance, then he can enjoy the beautiful taste brought by the cheese. The fat content in the cheese is high, so you need to control the amount of food when feeding. As long as a small piece is enough, don't look at the dogs and keep it. However, there is no habit of eating cheese in China, so the types of cheese are relatively not as complete as Western countries, but this is enough. You can paint the cheese in the kong toys, so that the dog is busy for a while.
    Bananas: This is a kind of food that can be obtained all year round, and it is also an ideal dog snack. Bananas do not contain fat, and the content of sodium and potassium is relatively low. It is a very good source of cellulose. At the same time, it is rich in nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, and folic acid. You can crush it and mix it with the cheese, then apply it to the Kong toy, or cut it directly into a small piece and feed it to the dog. Before that, a nutritionist had shared such a case: a Pomeranian often had muscle spasm, and her diagnosis was the manifestation of this dog's magnesium deficiency. However, after eating too much banana, there will be danger of diarrhea, so don't feed a lot at one time.

  2. Unless you eat dog food ... Dogs cannot eat people, do not need to eat fruits, and do not need vitamin C! The healthiest is that you can only eat dog food! A lot of dogs died in pancreatitis, very painful, you know Baidu at once! Do not eat ham, this pickled food is easy to get the spiral body, the survival rate is not high!

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