What immortal pets do Shumen Emei bring

What kind of mall fairy is good for Shumen Emei? Is it a bird or a dog?

6 thoughts on “What immortal pets do Shumen Emei bring”

  1. Birds, dogs return blue is aimed at Baihua. Isn't Emei be monsters? It is more useful to use birds, at least when you are more blood, you can resist when you pull the mobs

  2. It is best to buy a golden Husky, you can help you return to the blue. EM is the most

    Feilan. If you buy a bird, you will say that your biscuits

    pull/ pull/

  3. See if your blue limit is enough, you can buy birds and blood limit when you are enough. If you are not enough, you can buy a dog and the blue limit. Pay attention to a little bit of the baby's back blue blood background. You can learn other skills above, mainly depending on whether you blue enough!

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