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  1. You can eat Zhongli Capital. This is a antivinic drug made of Chinese herbal medicine. It can effectively inhibit the growth and diffusion of tumors. By taking it for a long time, dogs can stop the tumor growth and extend the life of the dog's life.

  2. It is not possible to perform surgery blindly. If there is tumor in the dog's body, the body is already weak. If it is blindly surgery at this time, you need to consider the age of the dog. If the elderly dog ​​goes to the hospital, it will not recommend surgery, only some anti -inflammatory drugs and nutritional medicines will be prescribed. My dog ​​opened three courses of cureded beef ingots last year. Later, the tumor slowly became smaller. The mental state of the dog is also very good, and the appetite is also good to know more about Baidu.

  3. It is recommended to take a look at it first.
    The breast tumor is divided into two types, one is benign, and the other is malignant. If it is benign, just pay attention not to turn evil. Essence At present, there is only one method of surgery
    but when dogs have breast cancer, the following symptoms often occur: dog's abdomen (especially around breasts) will appear like acne particles; It will not disappear during the week; the number of particles increases; the particles become larger; the dog is licking the skin. When you notice these acne -like particles in the cat's abdomen, or notice that there are at least 1 cm of muscle mass near the breast.
    The wounds of breast cancer are cracking, and they must be sent to the doctor in time
    . Once the dog breast cancer deteriorates, the skin will crack and the internal tumor will break. As long as the dog is not surgery of breast cancer for the dog, the tumor that grows fast is likely to break down, and even some dogs always lick the skin around the breast, which will speed up the rupture. If the malignant tumor in the breast has broken due to necrosis, it will form ulcers different from ordinary wounds, accompanied by a bad smell.

  4. If the dog can no longer accept surgery or too old, I can only take some medicines. My old dog used to eat Bei Aikang beef ingots. At least now, the appetite and spirit are very good. The question, it is also good to make it happy every day.

  5. If the dog is sure that the dog grows the breast tumor, it must be treated with surgery. It is useless to take any medicine. Hurry up to the hospital and cut it off. Otherwise, it grows quickly. Half of the breast tumor is malignant.

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