4 thoughts on “Can the basement be raised?”

  1. Personally, I think this should be inappropriate. Personally, the basement is basically cold and humid. Dogs also need to bask in the sun, and their fur does not like to be humid, and dogs like dirt. The basement is basically cold and humid, and the cement floor. This is also a bad environment for dogs. It is easy to get skin diseases. In addition, there is no sunlight. The basement is basically poorly ventilated, so it is easy to smell, and the flavor of feces can not come out. Intersection

  2. It can be raised, but the owner still needs to be bent to the dog. Do not put the dog in the basement, regardless of that, the dog needs to exercise.

  3. There is no sunlight in the basement, and it is not recommended to put the dog in the basement. If there is no condition to raise it, don't raise it.

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