5 thoughts on “What do you think about Dr. Yuexi's refusal to give patients for a rabies vaccine?”

  1. I think this doctor's approach is not proper, and the doctor is different from other occupations. One of the decisions of the doctor is often related to a life. I feel that no matter what is high, I can't live a life, especially the rabies vaccine, rabies disease, rabies disease disease Once the mortality rate is very high, it can only be prevented by the vaccine. In such an emergency, the doctor actually pushed away from get off work by himself.
    The doctors are a tiring occupation. We all know that because life is priceless, even if you rest, the hospital suddenly receives surgery in the emergency department. Doctors are tired, because there is no time to their own, because they do not belong to their own time, they must be prepared for life.
    It this doctor in Yuexi County is obviously not enough. This parent is not required to hit an ordinary vaccine. If it is an ordinary vaccine, you can come the next day. After all, the doctor is also a person. It is a rabies vaccine. Although the rabies vaccine also has a buffer time, the sooner the better. After all, rabies have no special effects in the world. Once this virus is dyed Just quickly vaccinated after being bitten.
    The doctor in Yuexi County could not be distinguished, and he did not give people directly on the grounds of his own get off work. Although this approach does not violate the law, it is still wrong. The vaccine is infected with rabies. This responsibility does not know that this doctor can afford it, and since you choose the profession of a doctor, you hope you can afford the trust of you.
    The doctor's mission is to save the wounded, but now the wounded is sent to you, but you push them outside the door, so that there is a professional ethics that lost his own. Even the most basic heart is lost, and such a doctor who can't distinguish the priority is really not worthy of a doctor.

  2. From the perspective of the working system of laws and regulations, it is understandable, but from a doctor's moral point of view, such a person should be responsible for being responsible for being a doctor! Intersection

  3. The question is the only doctor in the hospital? If not, then go home from get off work, no problem. If there is only one doctor, the first shortcomings and lack of lack are issues of public health management units. Don't push such a large responsibility to an individual.

  4. I think this doctor's approach is not proper. Because a doctor's decision is often related to a life, I feel that no matter what is high, especially the rabies vaccine.

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